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Household electric Damascus knife sharpeners appeared on the mass market quite recently – at the end of the 20th century, and immediately gained popularity among both housewives and professional chefs. No wonder, because with their help you can sharpen a kitchen knife from any material to an impeccable sharpness in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t take much effort.

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The first sharpeners for electric knives were imperfect – they did not allow adjusting the sharpening angle. They removed too thick a layer of chips from the cutting edge, or vice versa – they had too little effect on the blade. Modern devices from Japanese brands – leaders in the knife industry, are devoid of these shortcomings and are sometimes not inferior to the manual labor of a master in terms of sharpening quality.


Today, stores offer a wide range of electric Damascus knife sharpeners. A review of popular models allows us to conclude that the most advanced devices can easily sharpen knives:

  • Japanese and European manufacturers;
  • with one-sided and two-sided sharpening;
  • professional and household;
  • kitchen, tourist, hunting;
  • with any angle of sharpening;
  • scissors;
  • with wavy edges.

When thinking about how to choose an electric Damascus knife sharpener. Decide on the type of tool that you plan to sharpen yourself and make sure that the model meets the specified characteristics. Most sharpeners work in two directions, carry out editing/finishing of the cutting edge (with existing bends, small notches) and directly sharpening/polishing – giving maximum sharpness.ย 

The design of the electric sharpeners for knives is hidden in a plastic case, inside of which there are discs with an abrasive coating of the appropriate grit made of metal or ceramics for coarse and fine sharpening. The body has slots for the knife blade at different angles. Inside there is also an electric motor that is powered by the mains, and a container for collecting metal chips.


The best Japanese-made sharpeners allow you to set the sharpest sharpening angle that is typical for blades produced in this country. The minimum is usually 15 degrees. It can be fixed, set automatically, or adjusted manually. The first type of circle is designed to restore the geometry of the knife, the second – is for finishing sharpening. A separate groove is provided for each side of the blade.

This is how to use an electric sharpener to sharpen a Damascus knife:

  1. Processing on a coarse-grained disk. The blade is inserted into the appropriate hole and pulled along the entire length back. And forth as many times as necessary to straighten the cutting edge. Usually, this is 5-10 cycles, but if the knife is heavily stepped, more broaches may be required.
  2. Now, for high-quality sharpening, the knife is placed alternately in the finishing groove and the polishing groove.

If the knife is not very dull, you can only use finishing sharpening to maintain sharpness. It is also important not to overdo it with rough sharpening, otherwise, you risk removing too many chips from the cutting edge, which will shorten the life of the knife.

In addition to the perfect sharpening result, you can determine a quality device by the degree of its heating during intensive work. Technological devices do not heat up and do not have a temperature effect on the knife during sharpening. Also, the device should not work too loudly and move around the table. Under the influence of disk vibrations, while being quite powerful (about 60W).

With the right choice of an electric sharpener and compliance with the operating rules. This device will significantly save money on sharpening knives in the workshop and strength. If you previously sharpened the tool with your own hands-on grindstones.

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