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Does a desk air purifier work?

desk air purifier

Does a desk air purifier work?As long as you’re spending money on something that’s not within the human body’s visual range, it’s an IQ tax,

Can not see touch can not feel are playing hooligan, to learn to embrace the naked environment to increase immunity…….

IAM is for the blogger’s own use:

MSPure desk air purifier for household formaldehyde removal, bacteria, haze air disinfection KJ780F-A1

Instead of thinking about principles, let’s talk about two real examples of – desk air purifiers.

Friend A runs A pet shop, mainly selling cats.

A is very sincere and caring. The epidemic prevention and cleaning of the store are in place, and he invited me to be A guest in the store before opening.

I personally have raised cats, know that cat fever is a virulent virus, especially strong infectivity, according to statistics is every 10 have a cat fever virus.

All the kittens sold in friend A’s store were not fully vaccinated. Due to the placement of cat cages, the indoor environment was relatively narrow and ventilated. For safety reasons, I suggested that my friend put A medium-large air purifier indoors.

Now 80% of the air purifiers on the market have anti-toxic and sterilizing functions, and the UV lamp in the air purifier has a targeted killing ability for cat plague virus (cat plague virus will die immediately after exposure to ultraviolet ozone), it is very appropriate to buy an air purifier as a preventive means.

But my friend didn’t think it was necessary.

Three months after the opening of a sick kitten, although the first time to kill the virus isolation, the kitten or infected 7 cats, all gone.

After losing tens of thousands of dollars, he decided to buy a large air purifier. Since then, he has never heard of such a malignant infection of cat fever.

Friend B, elite dad

He was old enough to have a child and liked it very much. After carrying the child home, he rarely touched the ground. He wrapped the soft cloth in his hand and held it.

Although it is to move to a new home, but also to formaldehyde or do a lot of treatment, furniture material with at least E1 level of environmental protection, hand sanitizer disinfection water is also common.

Do not know is the usual disinfection too much, or the air in the north is really too bad, children into the new home sneezing, and have runny nose, red eyes………

I do not know through these two examples, whether can reflect the importance of air purifier, even if it is cited as an example in life, the fine bar can still start from the authenticity of the example, crooked eight and seven bad principle to continue the bar.

If we all refer to “people’s desire for a better life” as “IQ tax”, then lie flat.

How to choose the desk air purifier?

The principle of desk top air purifier is very simple. In order to make a difference in the “selling point”, the brand has too many interference items, which is simple and rude. It teaches you a “three-look formula”.

See the CADR value

The CADR value represents the “clean air output ratio” of the air purifier, which is more intuitive to say “air purification efficiency”.

The higher the CADR value, the higher the efficiency of the air purifier in dealing with pollution.

Usually, an air purifier will have different treatment results and different CADR values when corresponding to different pollutants. The specific choice should be made according to the health status of the family. For example, if there is smoking in the home, the one with higher CADR value of PM2.5 particulate matter should be bought.

The fan of desk air purifier

In the final analysis, CADR value is only an intuitive parameter, and the quality and quantity of fans are the key to determine the efficiency of air purifiers.

The cover figure

The single outlet purifier usually has a small fan module, and the area available for purification is limited, which is only enough to purify the air of a single bedroom or study.

The target of the air purifier with 2~3 multiple air outlets is the cleaning of the large living room or the whole house, the power of the fan is large, and the performance is more robust.

Get to know more on articlspid.

The screen of desk air purifier

The filter screen is the most direct filtration means of the air purifier for indoor air. The layer number, type and service life of the filter screen are the points that need attention

Move the cover figure

Standard configuration of filter screen for general air purifier:

Initial blocking filter + activated carbon filter + Hepa paper filter (this combination is used on 1000 to 5000 machines on the market)

The difference is that a better air purifier will make the activated carbon filter very thick and many layers (in order to better aldehyde removal effect), and add a variety of catalyst decomposition agent on the filter, which has a better absorption effect on the virus and formaldehyde.

The replacement of hepa paper and activated carbon filter often needs to be purchased twice. The filter is not cheap. The air purifier with good durability of the filter should be selected as far as possible. To know more on mspurelife.com.

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