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What to Do Before You Close On a Home

Finances and Documentation

The financials around a home can be daunting. When you become a new homeowner purchasing a homeowner’s insurance is an essential.

Step in protecting your new asset in case any damage should occur or if someone outside your family gets injured on your property.

home warranty

A home warranty is a contract that helps provide repairs and/or replacements for any of the major systems or appliances in your home.

Here we provide tips on how to shop around and save for these plans, as well as how to best organize and store all of your documents.


Let’s face it: No one gets excited about buying insurance, but it’s part of being a responsible homeowner and can pay off dividends in case a problem arises.

That’s why it’s vital to shop around and know the type of coverage you need not doing your research could have you making common home insurance mistakes that can cost you in the long run.

Learning cost-saving measures can also make a huge difference.

Home Warranty

Unlike homeowner’s insurance which covers losses from accidents, a home warranty is a service agreement that covers the costs of appliances and systems that could break down due to wear and tear.

Shopping For A Home Warranty

When shopping for a home warranty you should refer to these coverage tips that can help you identify what a warranty typically covers and the add-on options that you may want to include.

Organize and Store Important Documents

How you organize and store your documents is vital since you’ll most likely be referring to them at the early stages of being a new homeowner.

You’ll not only want to store your property docs in one place

Important Papers

It’s also smart to include other important papers with them including birth certificates tax returns bank statements and even monthly bills and payments.

State of Offers on the House

Are there any other current offers on the house, or are there expected to be?

knowledgeable Realtor

A knowledgeable Realtor will have a very good idea about this.


If possible it’s also good to have some idea about who is bidding on the property.


An investor, for example, will often offer cash upfront and will make counteroffers very difficult.
Remember that there is always a certain amount of competition over popular houses.

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