What Is The Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Diamonds?

The term lab grown can get a bit confusing because it isn’t always accurate. When people say a diamond is lab grown, they usually mean that it’s manufactured synthetically in a laboratory. Synthetic means man-made or not naturally occurring. Lab grown simply means that some of its components (carbon atoms) were formed in a lab setting rather than by nature. As you can see, Lab grown Diamond Manufacturer truly artificial gems made from carbon atoms. But what about if we to use grown rather than laboratory? In that case, we would be describing a method called molecular growth which uses high temperatures and pressure to form an organic compound with carbon atoms bonded together.

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds? The difference might surprise you! By definition, natural diamonds mined from the earth, while synthetic diamonds are created in a lab using chemical vapor deposition (CVD). we go into detail about the differences between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds and explore their unique benefits and uses.

Lab Grown Diamonds Explained

A lot of people assume that lab-grown diamonds are unnatural, however, nothing could be further from reality. In fact, they identical to mined diamonds in every way except for how they formed. Lab-grown gems start out as a tiny seed diamond that’s added to a growth solution made from methane and hydrogen. Over time, more carbon added until finally you have a full-size gemstone. Most lab grown stones start out white or near colourless. it takes heat treatment to give them their final colour—much like how it works with naturally formed ones.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds often touted as an eco-friendly, ethical option to conflict-mined natural diamonds stones. While that’s true to a point, their popularity over traditional gems continues to grow because of a rise in consumers who believe CVD diamonds real. Are they real? No. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful or can’t be used for engagement rings, wedding bands or any other type of jewellery you can think of. What makes lab grown gems so different from mined stones is their growth process.

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First, it’s important to understand that there are different classifications of synthetic diamond. There  laboratory-grown diamonds (sometimes called cultured), which use high-pressure, high-temperature technology to make diamond crystals from scratch. These then cut and polished into a final product. A similar process called chemical vapor deposition creates diamonds from carbon vapors in a vacuum chamber. Then there what some refer to as laboratory created or lab created gems—these haven’t been mined from nature at all. But rather grown in labs with non-natural diamonds means.

The Difference in Diamond Quality

According to a recent report from De Beers, 99% of all diamonds in production come from mines. The remaining 1% called synthetic or lab-created, but you also hear them referred to as man-made or cultivated. Synthetic diamonds have been around since 1955 (the first known case of their successful creation was in 1954) but it not until 1985 that they appeared on the market. And while there is an ongoing debate regarding what makes a diamond a natural diamonds. there definitive differences between these two stones when it comes to quality and price.

A Better Value Alternative

So, what’s so different about diamond quality? The world of diamonds can be a bit confusing; it filled with terms like certified, graded, cut, and coloured. An informed consumer will want to know exactly what these mean—and which ones matter when it comes to choosing your diamond. Unfortunately, there isn’t an industry-wide standard for grading diamond quality (and GIA’s rating system is only useful when it comes to comparing one diamond against another). Instead, each jeweller has their own unique terminology.

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