Tech Tips For Senior Smart Phones Users

Senior Smart Phones Users

The ser of smartphone users who belongs to the group of senior citizens are not aware of the latest features of the smartphone. They still want to stick around to the old generation Mobile phones which do not have any touchscreen or anything.  The simple the smartphone features seem to be, the easier it becomes for the senior citizen to operate the smartphone. However, we cannot deny the fact that with time we have to keep on upgrading ourselves and our devices. Similarly, no matter what age group you belong to.

We can only convince the senior citizens to use the latest smartphones by making the atmosphere of the smartphone comfortable and convenient for their comfort.  You do not have to worry about the old device and what can be done with it as you can easily sell a secondhand mobile phone with many sources. Here are some of the tips that might help senior citizens to be able to operate a smartphone with ease.

The font of your mobile phone affects the way you read it. Your understanding is completely based on the font as some fonts can be confusing. Also, you have to consider the size of the font as many people are not able to read smaller fonts. However, we all know that senior citizens might have problems with visual activities and that is why the font must be visible and readable for them. What you can do is, increase the size of the font in the mobile phone and change the font style as per their convenience. This will be helpful for them while reading the text.

  • Home screen

The home screen must be a place that is sorted and organized. The senior citizen must be able to search for the application that we’re looking for. And we can expect that there might be minimum applications on the phone of senior citizens as they are not indulging in many of the activities. However, it is a job you still make it organized so that it is easier for them. For example, you can arrange the applications on the home screen as per the alphabetical order or the most used and less used applications depending on the individual.

  • Voice assistant

What is assistant is the answer for all the problems. What is assistant is simply known as Siri in the iOS system and Google assistant on the android phones. These are a big helping hand when you are trying to find out some of the other functioning of your mobile phone. You can simply call out the name saying hey Siri, or okay Google to call them up to help you. You can press the button and go on with your problem and ask them for a possible solution. Voice assistant is the best way and the most comfortable way to try to find out something on your android phone or even browse the internet with some topic and research about it.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is simply the way an individual will be able to access the mobile phone. Senior citizens would like to hold a mobile phone in a comfortable position with both hands. Hence, the normal commode might be working well for them. However, same as the font size there might be problems with viewing the buttons or keys on the keyboard and which alphabet is where. The keyboard can be adjusted as per the accessibility of each user. The phone can be increased in size or decreased depending on each user. The accessibility can also be changed to one-sided depending on the comfort of the user being left-handed or right-handed.

  • Security

Security is a big concern nowadays. Everywhere there are hackers and anyone wants to get the information or any other details of the user to be able to play with it. We can be sure that our senior citizens might not be having much on their mobile phones. But yet it is important to protect whatever they have. It might be confusing for senior people to figure out how to operate passcodes and maze locks. But yet there must be some or the other way to secure the mobile phone. There are sensors of face recognition and fingerprint sensors in many mobile phones.  Which can be the most convenient way for senior citizens to be able to secure their devices. And security can help you when you have people around you handling your phone and even while you give it away for phone repair service.

While you make your grandparents switch to the latest mobile phone. You can simply find the best place to sell their old phone in the market. Many online websites are verified to do this job. They will help you in getting the best price for the old device-Articlespid.

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