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Sailing In Greece Sailing Tips for sailing vacation FAQ’s

FAQ's for Sailing in Greece

What are the sailing qualification requirements?

For bareboat charters in Greece at least one valid certificate (suitable for the chartered vessel) is compulsory. A copy of the license is required to be sent along with the booking confirmation and the original must be presented at the base before your sailing vacation begins.

FAQ’s for sailing in Greece

  • How much does it cost to charter a sailboat in Greece?

  • How long is the sailing season in Greece?

In case i have no sailing licence, what can i do for chartering a yacht from you ?

Unless you want to have time to make some lessons for applying for the sailing licence, the only straightforward way is to hire a skipper.

The cost of hiring a skipper is 200 euro per day plus food and beverages. Hiring a skipper for your charter in Greece is a good way to ensure you will make the most of your sailing days.


Skippers are hired by MY HOLIDAYS and every single one of them has extensive experience in cruising the greek islands as well as abroad , Our skippers are fluent in English and will be able to suggest suitable itineraries for your yachting vacation on the Greek islands, based on your wishes and preferences, but always taking under consideration the prevailing weather conditions.

What should i do during check in / check out of the yacht ?

Our personnel will be waiting for your in order to welcome you upon arrival. You will be given a comprehensive and detailed inventory of the yacht detailing where everything is. Apart of familiarization that our personnel will make to you , you will receive a detailed manual with info and tips.

Diver’s report

The idea is to give you the chance to familiarize yourself with the yacht at your own pace. You will also be given a diver’s report and a hull damage report accompanied with an underwater video by certified diver f, which you should be checked in order to confirm that there is no grounding or other hull damages of the yacht by previous client .

On completion of yacht checking, inventory confirmation and familiarization, you will sign the acceptance report with any comments as applicable and you will be ready to sail. All paperwork for endorsing charter party by aythorities will be carried out by our staff , so the only thing that you have to remember is to take the official charter party with you. The check-in usually takes between 1 or 2 hours.

Check- out

The check-out usually takes place at the last evening of your charter. A member of our staff will be there to help you moor, upon your return. You are kindly requested to inform us a couple of hours before your return. It is advisable to be back in the home port by 17:00 the day before the end of your charter, so that you can go over the yacht with our team.

Please inform our base staff of any problems you may have encountered and let us know if anything was lost or damaged. This way you are helping us ensure that everything can be handled for the next charter in a timely manner. A diver will inspect the hull of the yacht and issue a report. Please bear in mind that the yacht will also need to be refueled. The check-out procedure will take up to an hour.

How much does it cost to charter a sailboat in Greece?

The prices to charter a sailboat in Greece vary according to the yacht’s type, size and age, the period you are interested in, and the base port.

We can assure you, a day or two can’t do justice to the sailing experience in Greece. Typically, the prices are set for a weekly charter. For a customized number of days, the costs may vary based on yacht availability.

Here’s the general price range for the charter (without a skipper):

  • The cost for a sailing yacht for 2-6 people, typically would be 1,500-3,500 euros per week
  • Expected prices for a sailing yacht for 8-10 people, are between 2,500-7,000 euros per week
  • The prices for a catamaran, are usually around 3,500- 7,000 euros per week
  • Prices for medium-sized motor yachts vary between 10,000-50,000 euros for a week.
  • The starting price for a superyacht in Greece is about 100.000 euros per week.

The peak sailing season in the Greek Islands is June-August. However, sailing in May and September can be even more enjoyable, thanks to the milder heat. You can rent a yacht for lower costs during the months of November-April.

During early May, a yacht of size 10 meters long could costs as low as 950 euros/ week.  Boats by MY Holidays are ideal to have luxury yacht trips in Greece. The cost of hiring a skipper is roughly 200 euros per day, and the client must provide their daily meals.

Island-hopping in Greece

There are different options available for island-hopping in Greece. Superyachts in Greece prices are at a considerable margin as compared to other types of yachts. The unparalleled luxury and services included making it significantly more expensive but undoubtedly worthy.

For a luxury eight-person catamaran including skipper, the cost of a trip can be as high as 15,000 euros. Respectively, a superyacht a lot more but offers luxury and space for the best sailing experience in Greece.

MY Holidays offer yachts that come in different sizes. If you wish for a nice sailing yacht to spend sailing holidays at the Greek Islands, MY Holidays can provide a great list of options available. But if you are a loner or a couple, go for a sailboat pricing from 1600 euros per week in the low season.

Other sailboats’ costs vary due to the different lengths and persons they accommodate. For example, 10-15 meters long sailboats price ranges between 1500-7000 euros per week. Depending on your needs, MY Holidays will have the right option for you.

Check out available yachts and prices here

How long is the sailing season in Greece?

Greece has a long sailing season, thanks to its geographical location. If you are planning to hit the high sailing season in Greece, then expect to get a little sun tanned because there is a lot of sunshine. For sunny sailing holidays in Greece, choose June, July, and August. After the spring season, the islands become full of greenery and flowers bloom everywhere.

After the spring season, it usually there is the dry season on Greek Islands. You won’t mind extending it to the autumn because September, October, and even November bring nice conditions for sailing holidays at the Greek Islands, usually with mild winds. In the prevalent areas around the Ionian Sea and Athens, the crowd of tourists will decline in the first weeks of September for those who are looking for less crowd and more fun.

Sailing season in Greece

The sailing season in Greece starts in April and ends in November. The weather in spring and autumn provides pleasant conditions to sail, while the summer season for sailing at the Greek Islands is considered dry and hot. The winters in Rhodes and Crete are very mild.

As you move inland and towards the north, the weather will get more relaxing. In mid-May, the water temperature reaches the level suitable for swimming. The sea temperature in early April is usually only 16-18°C which is a bit cold for swimming.

The best sailing seasons bring you perfect conditions, but the months before the high season offer value to the money you spend.

The busiest period of the sailing season in Greece is June till October. Renting a yacht during the months before the high season is much cheaper. February & March are considered an off-season month to sail in Greece.

However, the overall weather in Greece is pleasant, and extreme weather conditions occur rarely. With the best weather conditions, you can have a better sailing experience in Greece. All you need is planning, and you are good to go. If you’re starting to feel ready for sailing holidays with friends in Greece Check out available yachts.

Can you sail at the Greek Islands?

Yes! Sailing holidays at the Greek Islands is one of the best decisions made to explore gem-like islands. Renting a yacht from MY Holidays brings you better deals than buying tickets for ships.

You can rent a sailing yacht at varying costs for different kinds of boats and accommodation available. Each type of yacht comes with luxuries and amenities to make your sailing experience unique. You can choose among spacious sailing catamarans, sailing monohulls, sailboats, and motor yachts.

Various sailing yachts accommodate different numbers of persons according to their size. Whether it’s a couple, family, or friends, MY Holidays Yachts cater to the ideal sailing experience in Greek islands.

Charter yacht for sailing in Greece

The classic charter yacht for sailing in Greece lasts for a week at which you can accommodate tours of various islands and some isolated bays and beautiful beaches. Different types of yachts are ideal for exploring destinations throughout your journey.

All you need to sail at the Greek Islands is an experience certificate if you have any experience. Bareboat yacht charter is a fantastic holiday option in the Greek Islands if you are a qualified sailor. With an official certification/ sailing license, you will be free to skipper your yacht on holiday.

At least one person in your group must have sufficient knowledge and experience to operate the yacht safely and competently in various situations.

Although the weather condition for sailing at Greek Islands is pleasant, you might face minor distortions requiring more effortless experience. Sailors who don’t have any certified experience hire a skipper and an experienced crew.

Greece’s law and order system can ask for official documents to make sure you sail safely through the islands. To sail at the Greek Islands, hiring a skipper – even if you are a holder of a sailing license yourself – can be a good idea for a better experience.

You will sail with family or friends carefree, as the skipper will take care of yacht mooring, general lookout during sailing and stay informed about any unfavorable weather conditions. But we fully understand if you are the adventurous type and you want to practice your sailing skills!

How long does it take to sail around the Greek Islands?

Mediterranean Yachting Holidays bring you some magnificent views and destinations that can last for weeks. Ideally, you can spend 1 or 2 weeks on the perfect sailing experience. If you sail for 4-8 hours per day on average, your sailing journey can last for 1 or 2 weeks.

However, it also depends on which itinerary you choose for sailing holidays or even which islands you will select to visit of the suggested ones. Different itineraries require additional days depending upon the nautical miles covered per day. Itineraries help determine the best places to sail in Greece and keep the journey as smooth as possible.

If your schedules don’t allow you to spend an extended holiday, take advantage of the speed of prestigious powerboats to explore as many destinations as possible.

Greek Islands are full of historic towns

Greek Islands are full of historic towns, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and luxurious resorts, adding memorable memories to your sailing experience. Each destination has designated cities and ports, which are easily accessible via routes full of adventure. These unique ports provide a great sailing experience.

The ideal days, weeks, or months can be decided according to which itinerary you choose. The itineraries by MY Holidays bring the views of beautiful beaches, the cultural richness of Greece, crystal clear waters, and various other gems of Greece during the journey.

Moreover, the skipper’s (if onboard) deep knowledge of popular sailing destinations in Greece will help you discover the best places during the sailing holidays at the Greek Islands.

Usually, recreational passengers on sailboats can sail up to 40- 80 nm per day before getting tired.  Along with that, it depends on how much time you want to spend at a destination.

The maximum distance possible to be covered with a sailing yacht is about 180-200 miles in a day (24Hhrs), but most charterers prioritize travelers’ comfort by spending 3-4 hours traveling on the sailing yacht. The journey includes stops at different islands to cherish the beautiful views and distinct features.

Do you need a sailing license to rent a boat in Greece?

A bareboat is just a chartered boat without a captain or crew. Bareboat charter means you need to be the captain and pilot the boat yourself. According to your experience, bareboat chartering is a major responsibility-you are responsible for the safety of everyone on board.

To charter a boat without a captain /skipper, you need to have an experience level that suits the destination of your choice. The Saronic Gulf, the Ionian Islands, Sporades, and Halkidiki are a paradise for bareboat sailing because the wind tends to be relatively light and free of high waves. In contrast, traveling to the Cyclades and the South Aegean requires more sailing experience.

You can hire a skipper with a sailing license being suggested by MY Holidays with the yacht of your selection.  A skipper can help you explore the best destinations during your summer holidays at the Greek Islands.

My Holidays

My Holidays offer you skippers who are not only well-experienced but also fluent in English, better yet the ones who speak and understand the client’s native language. The years of cruising experience will allow you to make good use of your sailing preferences.

Sailing a bareboat in Greece requires valid certification. You need to show the original document before you set off for your sailing journey.

If you want to plan your own experience from the beginning to the end, the best possible way is to form a group and rent your boat to sail at the Greek Islands. If you don’t have a sailing license, the best way is to hire a skipper with a permit. An experienced crew and a skipper with a permit will allow you to have a carefree sailing holiday experience.

Instead of going for some time-consuming lessons to get the certificate, hire our experienced skippers. Once you hire a skipper, the license is not a worry to sail at the Greek Islands.
Check out yachts availability and prices with skippers or without skipper

Are catamarans suitable for long distances?

You can choose from various sailing boats, but you must know what’s best for you or your group. It is important to consider distance when you do island-hopping in Greece. If you’re sailing with a big crew, a luxurious catamaran is all you need. But is it suitable? Absolutely! Catamarans are very useful due to several reasons.

Catamarans are much more spacious and can easily sail long distances. Although they are large, they have a shallow draft and are ideal for mooring in secluded bays. With catamarans, it is easy to stop at shallow bays that are inaccessible to most sailboats, close to the coast, or beaches with catamarans.

Sailing at the Greek Islands

Sailing at the Greek Islands is an attractive way to a holiday without sacrificing the comfort you have at your home. The catamarans provide spacious cabins and bathrooms. Additionally, the luxury includes a large salon with a kitchen for additional convenience.

Catamarans are ideal for family sailing because of their steadiness compared to other sailboats such as monohulls.

Whether it’s the waves or bad weather, you can experience more while sailing at the Greek Islands with catamarans. They can accommodate larger sailing areas and have less roll response than monohulls during non-breaking waves.

It is beneficial, especially when you are maneuvering in narrow docks and small bays. If you rent a catamaran for island-hopping in Greece, you will experience a perfect combination of the pleasure and comfort of sailing.

Catamarans over 45ft long provide comfort, luxury, and a variety of styles. They are very suitable for a pleasant sailing holiday in Greece. MY Holidays offers catamarans of different sizes and varying prices. The price usually ranges between 4,000-16,000 euros per week.
Check out available Catamarans and prices

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