How to Create an Ideal Stylish and Inexpensive Dressing Room?

I have nothing to wear. Every morning it’s the same refrain in front of a wardrobe full of baby girl dresses. An existential crisis that makes our men laugh but has the gift of annoying us. Choosing the right look is not that futile, on the contrary, it can make all the difference. With a look in which you feel good, it is easier to face a complicated day or an unpleasant meeting. But does the ideal dressing room that combines style and simplicity exist?

Faced with the diversity of the offer offered today and the frenzy with which fashions change, it can be difficult to find your way around. If our grandmothers wanted to follow fashion, all they had to do was follow winter or summer trends. In stores and on the internet today, there is almost one fashion a week!

Thanks to my tips you will discover basic pieces sometimes forgotten at the bottom of the wardrobe that will become your best friends. Don’t worry, there’s no need to incur new expenses and throw your entire wardrobe in the trash to follow my advice and build your ideal wardrobe.

Keep only the essentials

The zero waste or minimalist movement encourages emptying your dressing room rather than going on a shopping spree.

Courtney Carver author of “Soulful Simplicity” launched the 333 challenges. She emptied her closet and tried to dress for 3 consecutive months with only 33 pieces. Clothing, jewellery, accessories, and shoes are included, however sportswear, underwear, essential jewellery such as a wedding band, and sleeping clothes are not counted. Thousands of people around the world have taken up his challenge. No one noticed that she regularly dressed in the same kids tracksuits boys, on the contrary, she even says that she regularly received compliments on her outfits.

Dominique Lareau author of “The Art of Simplicity” advises having a few key pieces (good pants, a nice coat, etc.) and a variety of t-shirts and tops. It would be necessary to arrange to have at least three perfect outfits to wear on all occasions. Finally, it would be possible to live for several months with a wardrobe composed only of 7 outdoor outfits, 7 tops, 7 bottoms, 7 pairs of shoes and a few accessories. Small quote: “Clothes or Sun San sandals can be both friends and foes; they have the power to highlight us, to protect us, or on the contrary, to give a false image of us”.

By the way, think about it for a moment. Steve Jobs always had the same outfit: an issey miyake turtleneck sweater, a levi’s 501 and a pair of new balance tennis shoes that he wore on all occasions. The Facebook founder often appears with a simple gray t-shirt. As for Einstein, it is said that he always wore the same jacket. These three personalities chose to spend time on important things rather than wasting time picking out outfits and striving to keep up with fashion.

No need to have a lot of clothes to have style or live well! If you are planning to sort through your closet, you are probably wondering what clothes or pumpkin pajamas to keep?

Clothes to keep:

  • the clothes in which you are comfortable (no scratchy sweaters, slouchy pants, etc.)
  • the pieces that fit you now, not the ones you’ve been keeping for 2 years with the plan to lose weight
  • outfits that are easy to match and put on any occasion
  • respect your style do not try to look like anyone else!

Now that these basic tips are in place, let’s avoid shopping mistakes in the future by complementing your current wardrobe with the right clothes or girl pajama pants.

A top on top

Each season new colours become trendy. Nothing forces you to follow all the colours of the rainbow. White, black, grey, beige and brown are the only colours that will always be relevant.

The essential tops

  • the short or long-sleeved t-shirt that lends itself to all uses
  • the tank top alone or with a vest or a stole for those with flat arms or drooping shoulders
  • the V-neck sweater that suits all body types
  • the white shirt is timeless and adapts to all situations

The traps for the tops

A bra can be ill-suited either because it can be seen because of its colour or because the cup is not the right size (too small or too padded and therefore artificial). So, we choose the flesh colour and the right size.

Shrunken t-shirts and crop tops that only fit ultra-thin girls. Conversely, large shapeless sweaters are not a solution for the rounds either.

The budget to buy tops

A good v-neck top and a matching cardigan are inexpensive basics that will go perfectly with a skirt or jeans

don’t hesitate to buy basic sweaters and customize them with brooches, beads, necklaces, and bracelets.

The pants that hide the complexes

The pants are the garment that emphasizes the area of ​​the body most often prone to complexes. Legs not long enough, saddlebags, too many calves, big knees, etc.

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