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Delicious Chinese food

Chinese food is a delicious and common cuisine found in China, and many other parts of the world. It’s often described as “spicy,” and includes such dishes as noodles. Also the rice, beef, fish, vegetables and more. Chinese food can found around the world today in anything. From fast-food restaurants to banquet halls. Regardless of where you find it though, Chinese food is always a great meal that goes well with wine or beer.

The Top 3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chinese Food

  1. The number one reason people visit a Chinese restaurant. Because they want to try something new. Though this is the case. Every dish on the menu has a long story behind it, so there’s always something familiar to order as well.
  2. The first Chinese restaurant opened in Los Angeles. During the 19th century by immigrants from China and their descendants. Who wanted a taste of home. While they prepped for America’s Transcontinental Railroad (1863-1869).
  3. The top three dishes ordered in China are rice, noodles, and won tons. This saying, known as the “Three Jewels,” has importance to Chinese culture. The phrase is also a way to mark success. As three jewels considered a family’s most precious possessions.

Common Findings of people during choice Chinese food

  • Most people will want to try the combo plate. Which usually means three dishes or two small dishes and one larger dish.
  • Some people will want to stick with the noodles or rice. Instead of combining them with other items like in the combo plate.
  • Some people may want to order soup or some other type of beverage but not the combo plates.
  • If you are a vegetarian and are ordering a combo plate, prepare to eat meat if it is not in the menu.

Delicious Chinese food

Some tips on how to get started with ordering Chinese from your local restaurant

Ask for recommendations

The people who work at your local restaurant will know. What dishes are popular among customers. So you’ll want to ask for their recommendations first. Ask your waiter what dishes are usually best sellers. Or ask him or her to recommend a time during which that particular dish is the most popular. Delicious Chinese food is a very varied cuisine. So you may find that the customers aren’t ordering exactly the same thing

Many restaurants offer English menus nowadays so you can tap into their menu when you want to order.

Choose the right wine

A lot of people find it intimidating trying to decide what wines to serve with Chinese food because there are so many different types of wine out there. Maybe you’re not an expert yourself but odds are, your waiter will tell you what types of wine go well with certain dishes if you ask him or her at the beginning of your meal.

Research Chinese food

Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, so take the time to read up on it before trying it out. You’ll find that there are specific spices used in different dishes and you may want to know if a particular dish uses something like soy sauce or ginger.

Just ask for recommendations, try some wine with your meal and read up on the food so you know what to expect.

Delicious Chinese food


Another step you should consider when ordering Chinese food is your drink. Many people like to include an order of sweet & sour sauce with their meal to add another level of flavor and balance the heat from the dish.

If you want a drink, keep in mind that restaurant beverages can vary widely from place to place. Some restaurants will use cans of soda or juice, some will use bottled drinks such as Coke or Sprite and others will use bottles of ginger ale or other drinks that are available from their beverage cooler on the back wall along with bottled water and ice machines.

Many restaurants carry iced tea and other beverages that they can make in the restaurant. Ice is usually made using a hand-held ice shaver (similar to a snow-cone maker) and then poured into a glass. It is common practice for the server/cashier to fill each cup of ice with water before pouring it into the glass or pitcher, but if they don’t, feel free to ask them to do so.

Telephone Directory

If you are looking for a place that has Chinese food and isn’t far away, look in your local telephone directory under “Chinese Restaurant.” This will help you tremendously because you can check out the menu of each restaurant and decide which one you want to go to.

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