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Your Ultimate Guide to DIY Furniture Packing like a Pro

Were you planning to move during the summers and couldn’t find any moving company available for the job? Well, that’s perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of summer relocation. It’s the peak season and you don’t find the dates available with your preferred moving companies. So, what better option have you left with apart from self-help? Yes, only you can save yourself from this situation. DIY packing and moving is the ultimate way to push your limits and surpass your potential.

Do you have a spacious house overloaded with furniture to justify covering the massive floors? Now you are feeling terrified at the thought of packing  all of these pieces individually that too all by yourself, we have your back. Use these simple techniques to move heavy, awkward items without wrecking your back, your house, or the furniture.

Here is your ultimate guide to DIY furniture packing by using your head, not your back:

Planning comes first:

If you want your moving experience to be smooth and hassle-free, you need to plan everything. Regarding moving larger household items like furniture, you need to focus on planning practice and take decisions accordingly.

Make a checklist:

Make a checklist of your furniture mentioning all the details. The types of furniture pieces and number them. Mention their current condition on the side of the list. Classify the pieces into satisfactory, outdated, worn-out, or completely useless. So, you will get a clear idea about the things to do next. This checklist is going to be your instruction manual for the following things that you need to do.

Make a floor plan:

Make a floor plan of your new house where you are going to move in. You can access the available space or layout of your new house to chalk out which of your previously owned furniture is going to fit in. If you find that any of your furniture will not fit through the doors, don’t match the interior designs, or are not in a presentable condition is not worth moving to your new place.

Measure your furniture

Take exact measurements of the length, breadth, width, depth, height, and diagonal dimensions of the furniture pieces. Now you can estimate how much space you will require to get them out of the old house and move into the new one. Pay special attention to the protruding parts and peculiar shapes as they may cause hindrance in the moving process. You have to be particular about measuring the doors, entryways, stairways, and height clearances.

Steer clear of unwanted furniture

You are already aware of the unnecessary furniture among your possessions. Find a way to get rid of them. Sell some of the pieces which are in a better condition among the others. Donate some furniture to a nearby NGO. You can also consider giving some furniture to your family and friends.

Get some help

Ask your family and friends to lend you a hand in packing your stuff. DIY Packing is a tedious business, and it becomes easier only when you have people helping you. Also, try to start the packing process way before the day of the move. This will lessen your last-minute load and pressure.

How to execute DIY packing successfully?

DIY packing is an elaborate procedure that requires planning, managing, and execution by a sole entity; that is you. You are the “one-man army” in this entire battle of house shifting. DIY packing services needs two main criteria to be successful, which are as follows:

1. Get the right packing supplies

If you want to execute a successful DIY house shifting, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the packing materials. If you don’t want your belongings to be broken or tampered with, you need to use good-quality boxes or cartons for packing them. You are also going to need moving blankets, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, packing tape, sealable plastic bags, mattress bags, and sofa covers.

Special types of equipment like moving straps, dolly, furniture pads, and hand tools are also helpful in carrying out the self-move without any trouble.

The ordinary grocery shop boxes or the boxes that have been already used for packing once before can save you some extra money but you might end up with a heap of conked-out things when you unpack your belongings in the new house. That too if the boxes reach in one piece after the shifting process is complete. Most often, there are high chances of the boxes breaking apart as soon as you try to carry them to the moving vehicle. Some old boxes and cartons can be infested with termites in the past without your knowledge. If you pack your belongings in them, they will get entirely ruined.

2. Pack your things in the right way

Now, you have the right supplies, but you got to learn the right way to pack your belongings. Here are a few efficient tips to help you pack your furniture in the best way possible:

  • Use bubble wraps to shield the furniture that is delicate or fragile. They can also be used to protect the protruding parts of some
  • Wrap the entire piece of furniture in moving blankets. You can also use materials like clean and soft fabrics.
  • Use paper or cloth as padding to stuff the hollow spaces. These materials can also be used around the ornate details and fragile parts of furniture for added protection.
  • Use packing tapes to put the wrapping materials securely in place. And be careful not to tape directly on painted or polished surfaces of the furniture.
  • Use shrink wraps to hold the padding in place and also to prevent dust and dirt from getting to your furniture.
  • Use large pieces of corrugated cardboard around the corners of your furniture pieces and use packing tapes to hold them together.
  • Use flat cardboard pieces wrapped in bubble wrap and packing paper to cover glass surfaces of tabletops, showcases, and dressing tables. Position the entire package between two sheets of corrugated cardboard, securely taped around the glass.
  • Pack the mattresses and sofas in plastic covers that are specially designed to provide maximum protection against dirt, stains, scratches, and dampness.

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Your Call After All

DIY or do it yourself may sound like an autarkic phrase , but it is a complex sequence of events to put into practice. Any DIY activity involves a lot of extra effort than getting professional help to do the same thing. DIY packing for house shifting is a very cumbersome task that needs both managerial and execution qualities from your end for it to be successful. Nothing is impossible and as they say “where there is a will, there’s a way”. Follow the tips provided above to carry out this elaborate procedure all by yourself; you will feel proud of your accomplishment. So let’s show some amour-propre amigos!

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