Why You Should Accept Cryptocurrency Payments For Your Online Store

E-commerce is flourishing. There are many causes, but one thing is for certain: the epidemic accelerated the process. It’s simple to understand why. The majority of countries around the world implemented various forms of lockdown, limitations that forced people to spend more time indoors than usual, and rules that limited access to physical businesses. Ecommerce appeared to be the ideal solution for this problem, and that’s exactly what happened. We all seen the effects of this as both small and large firms increased their ecommerce capabilities earlier or to a greater extent than they anticipated.

The question is whether these results will hold true after the outbreak. Will we return to the previous state? Everything suggests that we won’t. The consequences of the epidemic likely just sped up a process that was already underway since e-commerce is here to stay.

Therefore, in a market that is significantly more globally connected than the one that came before, how do businesses ensure that they remain relevant and competitive?

Locate fresh audiences

You no longer sell to anyone who can get to your physical store when you engage in e-commerce. You must presume that everyone does. That involves locating anyone who is interested in your goods; you might discover that these are different from the clients you previously served.

Crypto is a simple solution to this. Users of cryptocurrencies tend to be young, rich, and tech-savvy. All of these demographic characteristics are ones that an online store should value. Not only that, but this market is rapidly expanding.

In the past year alone, the number of cryptocurrency owners has more than doubled, surpassing a market valuation of $2 trillion USD. This adoption rate shows that cryptocurrency is developing at a rate comparable to the early stages of the Internet. These folks are in severe need of businesses that will let them spend their money without having to convert it into fiat, which would be time-consuming and costly.

There are 300 million of them who the majority of brands are still ignoring.

Avoid wasting time.

More over a third of millennial billionaires, according to the same NBC story we previously cited, hold 50% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. These are not the types of consumers that hang out and wait for brands to court them.

They are the ones who push for change.

This trend won’t stop and is likely to pick up speed very soon. Don’t trust us? Just turn the TV on. Numerous cryptocurrency advertisements were shown during the Super Bowl, and because people were so intrigued by the idea of this technology becoming widely used, they became one of the most talked-about aspects of one of the biggest sporting events in history.

Utilize all the benefits.

Everyone is interested in cryptocurrency payments for one simple reason: it is the superior choice.

Traditional payment gateways currently profit from you rather than with you. The following are possible justifications for employing Utrust:

You have foolproof security: zero chargebacks Nobody can interfere with what you do with your own money, not even us as a payment gateway. The public ledger contains immutable records of all transactions.

Customer security that can’t be compromised: Nobody should ever divulge their private information online. Credit card numbers and banking information won’t be available for anyone to steal anymore.
Never pay border or hidden fees. We have a fixed fee of 1%, always. Without exceptions The Internet knows no boundaries. Processing payments from South Africa or Europe costs us the same. Why would we invent fees?

No volatility: This could frighten some folks. This market is fresh, it hasn’t yet steadied, and it occasionally behaves unexpectedly. Utrust users don’t have to worry at all. We are pleased to provide crypto settlements if you want to embrace cryptocurrency fully. You can even settle in fiat if you choose. If you don’t want crypto accounting, avoid it. As usual, receive payment in fiat into your bank account.

True globalisation We have no borders, and neither do your payments or invoices. And what’s this? No additional hiccups of any type. Make no distinctions between any of your clients or partners, and get paid as you want.

Wallet agnostic Your consumers can make payments using whatever wallet they prefer. Making the rules is one of the best things about creating a new ecosystem, and we have chosen to provide the best services possible.

You can choose between webstore integration and invoicing; Utrust offers both. We support all significant e-commerce integrations, and you may use our invoicing solution as well.

Take pleasure in its simplicity

Because learning about a new payment method would be more work, some people are hesitant to accept crypto payments.

That has been resolved.

Utrust has made the process of taking (and creating!) cryptocurrency payments incredibly straightforward and available. Whether you are utilising our invoicing system or an e-commerce integration, money will be delivered to your bank account as usual in fiat currency or to your cryptocurrency wallet (your choice!) without any additional action on your part.

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