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Why Xamarin is the Most Effective Platform for Mobile app development?

Choosing between a different platform or building a traditional app is often one of the most difficult tasks you have to perform. Then again, your choice will depend on the project ecosystem, its needs, and the benefits of the platform. Apart from being inexpensive, the development of a different platform prevents you from spending time and money on creating two different platforms for two different platforms. This article will try to explain why you should choose Xamarin for your project.

Having a mobile system is the responsibility of businesses that strive to achieve success in the web world. After all, most people around the world currently use the Internet with their smartphones. Creating the right mobile device means creating a solution that works on a few social media platforms, especially iOS and Android. Understandably, you should consider choosing a cross-platform application development.

Here you will learn why you should choose Xamarin and hire the leading Xamarin mobile app development company for your project.

Here, refer few statistical data

Statistical information can help you understand and evaluate the need for modern mobile devices and age. Here are a few data sets to check. Although they are important in 2019, you can be sure that they will remain so in 2021.

An estimated 5.15 billion people, making up 66.6% of the world’s population, have mobile phones. This includes smartphones, IoT devices, tablets, etc. The number has risen by 2020 and will rise sharply by 2021.

Approximately 3.3 billion people make up 42.62% of the world’s population using smartphones by 2019. You can probably guess that the figure will increase by 2020 and increase by 2021.

Researchers estimate that stocks in the mobile app market. Here are the numbers: KaiOS – 0.81%, Android – 76.08%, Windows Phone – 0.2%, and iOS -22.01%.

The data provided above prove that the specific design of many platforms results in a flexible application that delivers a pure customer experience.

About Xamarin

So, what is Xamarin? Originally based on the 2016 Mono Project, Microsoft acquired and consolidated its NET platform. Currently, the most popular open-source software development platform for the development of many applications. When developers combine Xamarin, C # language, and .NET, they get the opportunity to re-use approximately 95% of the code. As a result, mobile app development company Xamarin can integrate applications across all mobile applications, including Android, iOS, and Windows. What about the efficiency of this stadium? If you look at the statistics, Xamarin products are famous all over the world. Based on reports, about 15,000+ organizations and 1.4+ million developers were deployed in 120 different countries using it in 2017. Even the world-famous data collection firm has found that Xamarin is among the most popular.

The Specialities of Xamarin

Here are a few perks of Xamarin that make it perfect for enterprise mobile applications.

(1) The C# factor:

If you want more advanced and powerful applications that will fit the needs of your business, you should choose Xamarin. Developed using Visual Studio, Xamarin-enhanced applications allow developers to work in a single language called C #. Naturally, they can complete multi-platform application development projects in a short period.

(2) Incredible flexibility:

Xamarin represents open-source technology. This is why it allows developers to choose parts based on the needs of your business. Utilities such as UI controls, multi-platform libraries, and third-party web services allow developers to build applications that work as their native models.

(3) Surprisingly simple

As mentioned earlier, Xamarin uses the .NET framework and C # to create a robust development platform for all mobile platforms. Developers also need less time to complete the project if you allow them to use Xamarin. Xamarin code-sharing systems are very easy to manage. It can even reduce the cost of upgrading the Xamarin mobile app.

(4) Security standards

Xamarin prides itself on having a deep integration of Azure Cloud. That’s why you can expect the app to provide adequate protection for user privacy. The app, along with the Azure connection to the backend, comes with HTTPS 24/7 certification programs to protect the threat management against malware and spyware. Rest assured, both the app and the data stored on it will remain secure.

(5) Super fast prototyping: 

Thanks to Xamarin.Forms, developers can easily access cross-platform UI tools to create single-user links that work on any mobile device. This feature allows developers to share an additional UI code to work across the field.

The expenses

The benefits of Xamarin are many and varied, and you probably do not have time to go through all of them. However, you need to know the cost of developing a mobile app using trending technology. Xamarin developer earnings vary from country to country. The type of project is also commanding. However, if you wish to hire an experienced developer, you will need to spend somewhere between $ 20 and $ 50 per hour based on project requirements, complexity, and timeframe.

Final words

Choosing Xamarin for your project will certainly be beneficial, especially if you follow cross-platform applications. As a business owner who aims for high user interaction with your mobile business app, Xamarin is the best tool you can find. You should start looking for the best Xamarin app developers you can talk to if you wish to learn more about the platform. Or, you can go directly to the project and find out how much it will cost to upgrade the application.

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