Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest in Astrologer App with Online Video Consultation?

Dating back to decades and centuries, Astrology has always been an interesting concept amongst humans. Knowing about how the stars, planets, and the entire universe is affecting your life, and what’s coming in the future has intrigued us. But, now with Gen Z here, things have to be modernized or say digitized! Therefore, an Online Astrologer Consultation App Philippines with the latest features and intriguing interface is a must. 


First, Gen Z wants everything at their fingertips, therefore, here’s what they expect out of a Perfect Astrologer App Philippines. 

  • A detailed and to the point daily horoscope 
  • An Aesthetically pleasing navigation system and Interface 
  • Compatibility with other devices 
  • Live birth chart readings 
  • Tarot card Reading
  • Easy-to-use

Well, that being said, the expectations can always be met and succeeded if you have the right solution! 

Moving on, from the entire list of the Customer Expectations, the live birth card, and tarot card reading caught my eye. It seems interesting to get a reading session with the top-notch Astrologers in the city! Is that even possible? Well, if you have one of the Best Astrology Apps, then yes, it is! 


People can now book a live tarot card and birth card reading right from the comfort of their homes. The Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App Philippines has an exclusive feature called the Online Video Consultation. 

This feature is where the App User can book a live video calling session with the Astrologer and learn what’s on their cards! Here are the steps to undertake and book an Astrologer Instantly! 

Step 1: Pick the service that you want 

To book a Consultation Session with the Astrologer, first, open the App, and go to the ‘Online Video Consultation’ section on the menu. Now from the various mentioned categories, tap on ‘Astrologers’. From the appearing subcategories, select the one that you want, say, ‘Tarot Card Reading’. 

Step 2: Compare and book the Astrologer 

Your Online Astrologer Consultation App Philippines will now show an entire list of Astrologers from the selected Subcategory. That is, you can now choose a suitable Tart Card Reading Expert from the list. Compare and shortlist based on their Experience, Background, Ratings, Reviews, and Photo Gallery.  

Step 3: Choose to Pay and Confirm Booking 

Now once you select the Tarot Card Expert, press on the Book Now or Book Later option on the screen. If you want to schedule the session, press Book Later! Select your preferred Date & Time. To confirm your booking, choose the payment method you’d want such as a Credit Card. 

Well, Online Video Consultations support only payments via Credit Card! 

And voila! You’ve sent a Service Request to the Astrologer. Now once they accept the Request, you’ll get a notification saying, “Online Consultation with Ms. XX has been confirmed at 11:30 PM 15 March 2022.”

Now that you know how to book an Online Video Consultation with the Astrologer, why don’t you download the Online Astrologer Consultation App and try it! 


Are you ready to know what your future beholds? Get to know your sign and the daily horoscope with one single app! 

Even Smart Entrepreneurs, I see a bright future that is filled with fortune and Success on your Cards. But, to achieve that in the shortest time possible, you have to opt for Online Astrologer Consultation App Development today itself! 

Felica Carroll

Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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