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Why Pursuing Master’s Course is most popular from the United Kingdom?

Master's Course is most popular from the United Kingdom

Choose Master’s from United Kingdom

As your undergraduate course comes to an end, you may be thinking about postgraduate study and at a crossroads about your future. Let’s read why pursuing Master’s course is most popular from the United Kingdom. Postgraduate study allows you to specialize in an area of interest and gain skills that are important to global employers. Studying for Masters in UK opens the doors of endless opportunities for Indian students. UK offers many master’s courses like MBA in UK, MBBS in UK, and Ph.D., etc.

Factors to Choose Master’s from UK

Greater Employability and Career Advancement

Gradually, employers are becoming more aware of the importance of a master’s degree. They are looking at best practices and experience when making hiring decisions for entry-level positions. According to the UK Employment and Skills Commission, 1 in 7 jobs could require a postgraduate degree by 2022.

Short Duration

Masters in India have to register for up to two years, while Masters in the UK are relatively short – 1 year. A short-term program will be lighter on your wallet, great value for money and quick access to the workplace.

Full-time, part-time, distance

How long a master’s degree takes is usually up to you. It provides Full-time courses usually last one year, while part-time courses can last two to three years. Completing it part-time also allows you to benefit from work experience, but remember that graduate school requires a lot of time, effort and focus.

Improved Salary Potential

Many studies have shown that a master’s degree improves your short- and long-term earning potential. For example, research by the Sutton Trust in 2013 found that a postgraduate can earn up to £5,500 a year or £220,000 over a 40-year career, than someone with only a bachelor’s degree.

Quality Assurance

The high quality of education and world-class research facilities make a UK education even more valuable to employers around the world. Subjects are taught by world-leading academics and the quality of teaching is regularly assessed by the QAA.

Global Professional Connections

Thousands of international students and local residents coming to the UK for higher education make the UK culturally diverse. During your studies, you will interact through independent research, discussions, forums, events and talk to experts. You will build a strong professional network that will benefit you after graduation.

Prepare for a PhD

If you want to take your studies to the next level, a postgraduate course is required before starting a research or PhD program. A PhD is the highest degree awarded by universities in the UK and is based on a research project in an area of research interest.

Convert to a new subject area

If you’re finishing up your undergraduate degree but want to make a change, taught masters can give you a completely different direction to move into a new area of interest.

Postgraduate funding is readily available

Attending graduate school can be a significant financial commitment. Almost all universities offer various types of scholarships, bursaries and grants to support you during your studies. Use our scholarship search to find the funding that’s right for you.

If you face any problem with this blog, and want to clear your mind consult to overseas education consultants.

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