Why Pigment Green 7 for Coating?

Pigment Green 7 (PG7) is also known as Permanent Green BG, Pigment Green 7 Lake, Pigment Green 7FS, Permanent Green BG and FD&C 7. It is a dark bluish-green pigment that has very good light stability. This pigment can easily be dispersed in water or alcohol and can be added to other inorganic pigments, acrylic resin or any other type of vehicle to make the colour permanent and opaque. Pigment Green 7 has an oil absorption of 25-35 ml/100g, a pH value of 6-7, and decomposes above 300°C.

A Brief Introduction To The Product.

Pigment Green 7 is a basic yellow pigment. It has excellent brightness and hiding power, tinting strength and chemical stability, and provides superior resistance to outdoor weathering compared with other green pigments. It has superb film-forming, coating and adhesive properties in one or two layers. The pigment is suitable for use in paints, plastics and powder coatings such as automobile body colours, gloss enamel paints and powder coats. Pigment Green 7 used alone or mixed with other pigment series such as Pyrazolone Red, Mineral Blue, FAP Red etc. it applied to fields of lacquer, paper making industry, printing ink and so on. So if you looking for a pigment green 7 manufacturer, please contact us now!

Purpose Of The Product In Various Fields.

Pigment Green 7 widely used in coating and construction materials. It a pigment that not toxic and has green colour, so it applied to building materials, such as paint, plastic wallboard and bricks also suitable for various coatings in construction projects due to its high weatherability. Another great application of the clothing dyeing industry because of its fastness to light. In addition, you can use Pigment Green 7 in paints, varnishes and ink industries. As an example, if you want to make green coloured ink or pigment ink for printer cartridge or ballpoint pen ink refill, then you should choose pigment green 7 instead of pigment yellow 13. So why? That because pigments mainly used in colouring applications where brightness is not important (such as printing on paper), but rather opacity and durability are needed.

Main Application Areas.

Pigment Green 7 used as a pigment and in carbonless copy paper. It is also used as a dye (e.g., in cosmetics). Additionally, it finds use in transparent conductive films, antistatic agents and coatings. The material is highly soluble in water. For more information about pigment green 7 and its applications, contact Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer.

Technical Specification Of The Products.

Pigment Green 7 is a kind of organic pigment, a synthetic green pigment that belongs to triarylmethane. It produced by BASF, Germany in 1952 and excellent light resistance, weathering resistance and heat resistance. Pigment Green 7 used in coating, plastics, and ink. The main feature of its perfect lightfastness (CAS No.: 573-35-9), better than that of pigment green 36. In addition, it also offers good weather resistance with outstanding colour stability after oxidation and reduction under various conditions of light sources.

Furthermore, high transparency and low yellowing degree. This product widely used in coatings, printing ink, plastic and other industries. For example Paints & Coatings: can be widely applied in water-based paints and coatings for interior/exterior wall decoration; Plastic: as a pigment dispersant or colouring agent for PVC; Inks: as an additive for offset printing ink or flexographic printing ink etc.; Printing & Dyeing Textiles: as a dye-fixing agent or dye intermediate etc.; Other Industries: such as rubber industry or plastic industry, applied in many fields such as anti-UV agents, anti-corrosion agents etc.


To ensure for coating is suitable for use on your product, you should test a sample of it first. Do your research and find out who has previously used and what their results. If one manufacturer only had success using pigment green 13, it doesn’t necessarily mean that pig green 7 not work on your particular product; however, you want to know why they didn’t have success with pigment blue-green before proceeding. It applied in a variety of ways including brushed, sprayed or dip-coated so doing trials on these various application methods ideal to determine which one work best with your product.

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