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Why JEWELL111 is better then other Jewellery brand ?

jewellery in India

JEWEL111 is a new age and gradually growing jewellery brand name, understood for its exquisite variety of precious and semi-precious gems, birthstones and designer-made diamond jewellery in India

We also excel in designer-crafted earrings and rings, custom-designed to fit the adaptability opulence and persona of the bearer.

The jewellery store set out for development under the aegis of qualified professional jewellery designer and gemmologist

Suyash Kumar Rastogi. He owns credentials in GG, AJP, PGL from the topmost institute – GIA Carlsbad, U.S.A.. He belongs to the clan of the very first generation of jewellers;

and is a thorough-bred professional in tailored designer diamond jewellery in India, valuable and semi-precious gemstones/birthstones, rings and earrings.

He has actually involved himself in overtly creative service of style and advanced artistry,


We also feel the excellent proudness of being the associate member of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), falling within the Ministry of Commerce, Federal Government of India.

Our Group

JEWEL111 is a strong team enthusiastic in what they develop, develop or ideate.

He is driven by the motivation and motivation of William Morris, to develop jewellery, which has a touch of luxury, timelessness and unequalled appeal.

The jewellery we create, the precious gemstone/birthstone we polish, have a personal touch, elegance and envious shine.

JEWEL111 and the die-hard group continue to value its abundant heritage and long-living familial association, drawing the motivation for chiselling out imagination without jeopardizing on quality.


We envision taking the Indian handmade jewellery to competitive levels, where it achieves its recognition and a new turning point is achieved.


We are nonstop working over innovative ideas in jewellery design, keeping in view the needs of an international audience, as our mission is to complete on a worldwide platform.

Personalized Jewellery

Hand-crafted and designer-made personalized jewellery,

Whatever we create is customized around the needs of our consumers.

Item Specs

We offer a special collection of hand-designed valuable and semi-precious gemstone jewellery, designer diamond jewellery, and a whole new innovative range of earrings and rings and jewellery in India

Each product puts forth a real example of subtle style, and an ornate style, which boosts the personality of a wearer.


Design is the essence of jewellery, and at JEWEL111, our designers work on this olden idea.

Our potpourri of exotic diamond jewellery, Kundan & Polki, valuable and semi-precious stones, diamond solitaires and fashionable everyday-wear pieces, are appreciated and perfectly suited for sensitive moments.


The craftmanship at JEWEL111 is symbolic of Suyash Kumar Rastogi,

who has the par excellence in creating urbane, one-of-a-kind pieces, tailored jewellery for individuals and those astoundingly near-to-heart minutes? J

  • Jewel111 brings to life urbane and ageless work of arts, through the fine-tuned carving of remarkable quality
  • Rubys
  • Sapphires and emeralds

mixing the abundant standard forbearance with loosely intricated contemporary exuberance.

How Can We Help You?

Repair the heirloom jewellery, develop a custom-designed contemporary work of art, or design a regular line of earrings, rings, bangles and bracelets that surpass time and charm

we are here to provide you with the assistance. Our experience mentions astute professionalism, which we contribute to jewellery design.

Our Function:

We provide professional assessment services to our customers, and they develop an understanding on dealt with non-treated gemstones.

Our Core Worth:

We intend to inform the customers about the kinds of gems, and their use in astrology, pleasure and as baroque materials of high-end.

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