White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software – An Instant Solution To Kickstart Your Crypto Exchange Business

Crypto Exchange Business – A High Profit Yielding Business Concept 

Cryptocurrencies became a global sensation with the advent of Bitcoin, which first made its digital debut in 2009. Along with cryptocurrencies, even the crypto-based businesses are also on the rise. Undoubtedly starting a crypto exchange is the best revenue-generating business model right now in the crypto sphere. Many investors and entrepreneurs are keen to invest in the crypto exchange business to become the next crypto bigshot in the cutthroat crypto market.  Are you a curious crypto entrepreneur pursuing a cost-effective solution to start your crypto exchange business? You are in the right place.  This blog will explore the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software and why it benefits crypto entrepreneurs. 

A Brief Introduction To Cryptocurrency Exchanges 

The increasing number of cryptocurrencies in the market boosts the demand for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform where traders buy and sell all kinds of digital currencies in a secured environment.

Presently numerous crypto exchange platforms provide a wide range of digital assets. And now, it is up to you to locate the best exchange platform and digital assets that meets your specific needs, security levels, and price range. 

Knowing the financial aspects of owning a crypto exchange, many entrepreneurs and businesses have expressed their desire to develop a crypto exchange platform. 

Creating a feature-rich crypto exchange platform from the ground up will take more than 4 months, and the process is quite expensive. But, no worries, there also exists a budget-friendly solution – White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. 

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software – Explained

As an ambitious crypto startup, you would’ve come across the term “White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software.” 

  1. White Label solutions are amassing huge attention from business owners who are always looking for a quick way to create crypto exchange platforms.
  2. If you’re on the mission to launch your crypto exchange in a brief span, then White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is your ideal solution. 
  3. A White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is ready-to-launch, prefabricated software with all the basic and advanced features required to start a crypto exchange business. 
  4. The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software can be customized according to your business conditions. 

The software is fast and secure and offers a seamless trading experience to users. Using the software, one can develop and deploy a trader-friendly crypto exchange platform within a limited timeframe. 

Exclusive Features To Be Integrated into a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 

Enumerated below are some of the essential features that one must incorporate in a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

  • Order matching engine 
  • Crypto wallet integration 
  • Staking 
  • KYC/AML integration 
  • Liquidity API
  • Margin trading 
  • Payment gateway integration 
  • Referral program 
  • Transactions history 
  • Powerful admin panel 
  • Multiple language support
  • Multi crypto support 
  • IEO launchpad 

Security Features of a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 

On the other hand, the security features also play a vital role in a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. 

Listed below are some of the major security features one must include while developing the crypto exchange platform. 

By adding these security features, one can get rid of cyber attacks and other fraudulent activities that threaten your platform. 

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) mitigation 
  • Database encryption 
  • Multi-sign vaults 
  • SSL (secure socket layer) integration 
  • HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure) authentication 
  • Escrow wallet system 
  • Registry lock 
  • Time lock 
  • Google authentication 

Business Benefits of using White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 

  • Saves time, money, and resources. 
  • You can get round-the-clock customer support from the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software development company you have opted for. 
  • Utilizing the software, one can generate high revenue on investments quickly. 
  • You get a chance to launch a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly without any technical glitches. 
  • Since the software is 100% customizable, you can modify its designs, plug-ins, and trading features as your business needs.
  • Traders can buy and sell crypto assets securely without any complications. 
  • As a crypto startup, you can instantly boost your brand’s visibility in the market. 

Revenue Streams Available with White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Whether you are an established firm or a budding cryptopreneur, you can make a decent revenue in multiple ways by initialing a crypto exchange business by getting hold of the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software: 

  • Transaction fees
  • Deposit fees
  • Margin trading 
  • Staking 
  • Withdrawal fees 

Cost Estimation to Develop a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 

The actual cost of developing a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software differs from one project to another. 

It depends on various factors, including – the level of sophistication, tech stacks incorporated, functionality, and other factors. 

A reputable crypto exchange development company offers you the exact cost estimation. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Get a bug-free White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software from a reputable crypto exchange development company. 

A top-tier cryptocurrency exchange development company incorporates a team of seasoned and experienced developers who offer cent percent feature-rich white label crypto exchange software for an affordable price. 

Since the crypto town is congested with many crypto exchange development companies, one needs to invest time in researching to find the right one soon. 

As cryptocurrency adoption rates are rising, now is the perfect time for you to scale your crypto exchange business venture and turn limitless profits in the future. 

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