Which is the Best Single Use Packaging Company in USA?

Among the companies offering single-use plastic packaging, the odor-free bags from FunkSac stand out as the most environmentally friendly. Agilyx and Arekapak are also excellent options. These companies offer environmentally friendly and functional packaging for various industries. Read on to learn more. We’ve also looked at Sana Packaging, Agilyx, and Arekapak. Which is the best single use packaging company in USA?

Sana Packaging is an eco-friendly packaging company

Sana Packaging is an eco-friendly single-use packaging company in the USA that provides cannabis retailers and wholesalers with sustainable cannabis containers. The company sources recycled and biodegradable materials, and evaluates child-resistant packaging for non-activated products. The company’s packaging costs 25 cents per roll, compared to $1.50 for plastic tubes. With these low costs, the company aims to become the industry leader in sustainable packaging.

Sana Packaging’s founders met at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where they collaborated on a class project. The two friends were both passionate about cannabis and found common ground in packaging. They then joined forces and founded Sana Packaging. The business was launched in May 2017 and quickly gained international recognition. The company’s sustainability and social responsibility led to awards from the likes of Hunter Lovins, whose judging panel included a member of the Greenpeace.


One of the most promising technologies in the recycling industry is a company called Agilyx. Located in Tigard, Oregon, the company is developing a technology that breaks down polystyrene waste into styrene. This technology will allow the company to recycle a wide variety of waste, including single-use plastic items. The company also plans to expand its reach to other markets. For instance, it may soon start accepting the waste from a Delta Air Lines subsidiary.

The company has been in operation for 14 years and started in Oregon. It began by depolymerizing PS and polystyrene foam. In the process, it created a synthetic crude oil with lower carbon emissions. The company says its process reduces its carbon footprint by 50%-70%. The company has plans to expand this technology across all of its stores. While the company is still small, it is already transforming waste into higher-value commodities.


If you’re looking for a best small portion packaging in USA, consider Arekapak, a start-up company that produces snack boxes made from sun-dried areca palm leaves. Made from natural raw materials, these snack boxes can withstand liquid for several hours. They are also microwave and oven-proof and completely compostable. In addition, Arekapak’s snack boxes support local communities by reducing their carbon footprint.

While Arekapak is still in its infancy, it has already captured the attention of the food industry. Their attractive packaging design can give food companies a distinct competitive advantage over competitors. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they’re also committed to innovation. Their sustainable approach is already gaining them many followers in the food industry. As an example, Arekapak claims to use 60% less energy and water in the manufacturing process than conventional plastic containers.


An Israeli startup called Tipa, which produces compostable flexible packaging and resealable bags, is addressing the growing environmental problems caused by the use of plastic. The company raised $130 million in funding and is making strides towards making flexible plastics more recyclable. Also company has worked with a variety of companies to create compostable packaging for food, drinks, and other products. Its initial focus was on thin film packaging, which is among the least recyclable materials.

The company’s compostable films and laminates are 100% compostable and achieve properties comparable to those of conventional plastic. The company’s patented formulae offer high barrier, mechanical, and optical properties. Its flexible films and laminates are fully recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and paper. These products are compatible with conventional packaging machinery and are available in several different colors. So, It’s important to know how the packaging works before you buy it and also find the best single use packaging company in USA.

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