Which Car Paint Type Do Users Mostly Like?

Different automobile paints have a significant impact on how a vehicle looks. But you need to consider more than simply the color. The types of Car Paint available now range from solid (i.e., non-metallic), to matte and pearlescent finishes. As well as alternatives that can be confusing. You’ll realize that there are still decisions to be made after deciding on your color and whether or not you need any decals, namely what kind of automobile paint and finish you require. Right information can assist you in choosing the right paint for your work, whether you want to paint the automobile yourself or hire a professional auto auto repair shop Winnipeg to do it.

Here, we walk you through the various paint options you can come across and discuss different impacts of distinctive paints. 

Various Car Paint Chemical Compositions


The most durable alternative to traditional automotive paint is typically urethane. It has remarkable chip resistance and can withstand fading for almost ten years. Additionally, you can paint it over pretty much any previous paint job. In contrast to enamel paints, urethane paint dries quickly and doesn’t typically run. Urethane car paint costs more than enamel paint because of its greater quality. Although urethane is frequently regarded as an excellent substitute for lacquer, you must be completely convinced of its benefits before using it since lacquer cannot be put over urethane paint.

Urethane is difficult to work with, thus it isn’t always advised if you wish to paint the car yourself. Hiring experts from auto body paint shop, who are familiar with working with materials like urethane may be a better option for you. 

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is long-lasting since it coats the entire body of the car in a durable, hard shell. Single-level and multi-level paints are both available in market. In essence, single-level enamel paints combine the basecoat and clearcoat so that you should only apply one layer of paint; in multilevel enamel paint require the basecoat and clean coat to be applied one at a time.

This type of paint isn’t typically recommended if you want to paint your vehicle yourself. Because acrylic enamel paints are particularly challenging to apply, much like urethane and it need proper equipment. 

Acrylic Lacquer

Acrylic was used for automotive paint for many years, is now the best substitute for painting. Acrylic lacquers, according to paint’s experts, are the best paints to use because they have a high gloss. The drawbacks of this paint include its rapid fading, especially when exposed to UV rays, and the fact that it is now prohibited in many jurisdictions due to its adverse effects on the environment.

Urethane Acrylic

Acrylic urethane is a fantastic new paint type. It is largely used by autobody paint shops. It is simple to apply and has a lengthy shelf life similar to enamel. The only drawback to using this type of paint right away after mixing it is that it contains a catalyst to make it dry faster.

Types Of Car Paint Finishes

Solid Paint

Solid paint is the most prevalent and affordable alternative to paint. Since it is simple to maintain and scratches can be effortlessly covered, solid paint is less expensive and easier to restore. With little money, you could probably pick up several of those paint finishes and a variety of other necessities in a flash! This paint’s only drawback is that it’s the dullest option. 

There is absolutely no reason not to choose one of the standard paint colors; but solid paint doesn’t catch the eye in the same way that a metallic finish does, and auto repair shop Winnipeg frequently prefer an old vehicle with metallic paint.

Metallic Paint

The aluminum powder in metallic car paint catches the sun’s light for a beautiful shine. Because to its light catching properties, it can help conceal minor dings and scratches. The cost of metallic car paint tends to be higher. This paint is more expensive in the short and long term because it’s harder to honestly fix dings and scratches because the color is tough to match. Additionally, while using steel paint, your color possibilities are somewhat more limited. 

Pearlescent Paint

Pearlescent paints are identical to metallic paints. The exception that ceramic (mica) crystals are used place of the aluminum powder. These crystals can resemble any color of the rainbow because they not only reflect light but also refract it. Pearlescent paint is the way to go if you want a stunning, softly colored paint that looks different from every viewpoint.

Of course, the paint is difficult to maintain and, as with metal paints, is challenging to recover. However, you can hire experts from autobody paint shop in Winnipeg. 

Matte Paint

Matte paints are all the rage right now. A matte paint job will cost you quite a bit of money, and maintaining the paint is rather challenging. The majority of paint repair and maintenance equipment on the market are designed for smooth paints; attempting to buff out a scratch at home can leave your car with one sleek location surrounded by matte.

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