Which Are The Top Shopify Web Development Companies?

The last 20 years brought a wave of digitalization into the world. Every industry has a great advantage with digitalizing everything from currency to apparel, food to groceries. The companies are making good revenue with ecommerce platforms, and there is hardly any business left that is not available at your fingertips. All you are just a click away. 

I guess you are not even untouched by the name Shopify. Shopify has seen immense demand in the market after 2018-19. 

Here Are A Few Of The Reasons Why The Merchants Are Moving Towards Shopify:

User Friendly

Shopify is easy to use and easy to handle. The interface doesn’t include much of the complications while using. This is the main reason why the merchants, as well as the users, love Shopify.

Low Investment

Shopify is affordable for everyone, either for the startup or someone with a huge business. The basic cost plan of Shopify starts at $29/month, and the mid-level Shopify plan costs $79. With low investment, someone can make a maximum benefit. These benefits are also the reason why big merchants, as well as startups, are choosing to go with Shopify. 

Easy Access To Resolve Issue

The merchant can easily move towards technical support for any issue and get the solution instantly. The merchants can easily reach the Shopify customer executive by chat, phone, and email. Their support is available 24/7.

There are various other reasons which are helping Shopify to be one of the best ecommerce platforms. 

Facts & Stats Of Ecommerce

  • 1.75 million shippers offer on the Shopify stage, and 1.59 million live websites utilize Shopify.
  • Shopify stores presently run businesses in 175 diverse nations.
  • Around 42,200 accomplices alluded to a vendor to Shopify in 2020, up 72% compared with 24,500 in 2019.
  • The most recent Shopify insights appear to add up to income for 2020 of $2,929.5 million, an 86 percent increment over 2019
  • Shopify had 42,000 shippers in 2012; in 2016 it had 377,000 dealers. By the end of 2019, it had over one million dealers; and in 2020, Shopify detailed 1,749,000 vendors.

To get onto the platform of Shopify, a merchant needs to move toward the Shopify web development firm so that they can trade their products without any boundaries. Choosing a Shopify development can be complicated for someone who has less knowledge of the company information. So, I am going to solve that complication too for you.

Here is the list of Top Five Shopify Development Company

  1. Suffescom Solutions
  2. Resourcifi
  3. Codal
  4. LanternSol
  5. Mobikasa

Now let’s know why I am listing these five companies as the best performer in the field.

Suffescom Solutions

  • Country: USA
  • Manpower: 500+
  • Established: 2013

Suffescom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Shopify development companies. They accept building functional, state-of-the-art, high-performing, and results-driven e-commerce websites. On the off chance that we tell you that Suffescom conveys end-to-end custom-made arrangements to suit your commerce prerequisites, whereas executing imaginative thoughts, we wouldn’t be off-base. Being one of the finest Shopify development companies in 2021–2022, Suffescom conveys a consistent encounter to clients. Not only in India, but they also have a reputed software development company in the US & UK. With an ace team of developers, they are in the top position. 


  • Country: USA
  • Manpower: 10 – 49
  • Established: 2016

Resourcifi stands second on the list of best Shopify development companies. With positioning of 4.7/5 on Clutch, Resourcifi is without a doubt and legitimately within the list of top Shopify advancement companies within the USA. They are also available out of Delaware with their benefit conveyance wings in India.

Established in 2009, this best Shopify advancement company has the involvement and skill to construct great portable and web applications for businesses counting healthcare, keeping money, neighborliness, portable gaming, new businesses, and endeavors. The Shopify development company Resourcifi gives are unparalleled. They can assist you in creating eCommerce applications that are moment to none.


  • Country: USA
  • Manpower: 250-999
  • Established: 2009

Codal is additionally among the top Shopify development companies within the USA. They give custom arrangements utilizing cutting-edge approaches to convey a world-class encounter to their clients across the globe. This best Shopify development company could be a full-stack advancement and plan company with broad industry encounters.

The teams at Codal allude to themselves as trailblazers who have a skill for bringing out the finest in every brand. Being one of the top Shopify advancement companies in 2021–2022, Codal’s clientele ranges from little businesses to large endeavors. If you’ve got a Shopify extension within the pipeline, Codal could be able to supply you with an arrangement you’re looking for. 


  • Country: USA
  • Manpower: 2-9
  • Established: 2015

LanternSol is another best Shopify development company based out of Cincinnati, USA. This Shopify development company has spread its administrations over continents. Being one of the best Shopify advancement companies, LanternSol accepts in taking a robust approach, Adherence, Conclusive deportment, and most vitally, integrity.

The improvement group at this best Shopify advancement company is exceedingly talented, spurred, and competent in conveying top-notch Shopify arrangements for their clients. Being one of the best Shopify improvement companies in 2021–2022, the advancement group at LanternSol shows taking activities and executing bearings faultlessly. On the off chance that you pick to move ahead with this company, you’ll certainly be able to anticipate a responsive and learned group.


  • Country: USA, India
  • Manpower: 50-249
  • Established: 2010

Mobikasa, a software development company, stands in 5th for Shopify development. The youth and expert developers are setting up new benchmarks every day in the software development industry. Mobikasa Shopify specialists are well versed with Shopify improvement and have all the capabilities to provide high-performance eCommerce arrangements for your trade. Once more, Mobikasa may be an incredible choice to go ahead with for your next Shopify venture.

All The Best

Now you know the best of the professional Shopify plus development company; the choice is all yours with whom you want to move forward. All the very best for your project and business. 

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