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What’s New in SharePoint Features In 2022

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based software that enterprises use for content collaboration, document sharing, and business intelligence. The Microsoft SharePoint features are so appealing that 75% of the businesses use it for their enhancement. The user interface of SharePoint is quite similar to Office 365. It is also famous for its great user experience and ease of use. Let’s dive into the new and exciting features of SharePoint in 2022:

Multi-Purpose Functionality

One of the greatest benefits of SharePoint is its flexibility. You can use this collaborative platform as an intranet. It allows for task scheduling, contacts, and information sharing. Depending upon the user’s status, administrators can give different permission levels. It also has social networking, document sharing, and file management features.

Column Width

You can increase the width of a column in the SharePoint list of a document library by adding a lot of scripts. Microsoft has made it even simpler with the modern document library of SharePoint Online. The Modern SharePoint Library now comes with a new feature known as “Change Colum Width.” This feature enables users to increase or decrease the library column width using the Drag and Drop option.

Column Formatting

The new modern library design of the platform enables you to apply column formatting. By accessing a modern library, you can easily format a column. You can select an existing column or click on “Add a Column.” Now select the “Format this Column” option present in the menu.

Mobile Connectivity

You can access SharePoint Online sites from any mobile device or tablet with an internet connection. You can use any mobile device to access or modify documents, libraries/lists, and other site content. It is one of the best features of SharePoint that you can access its sites from anywhere. Business executives prefer to use their mobiles for accessing company data. With mobile connectivity, users can now access the features of SharePoint Online from anywhere they are.

Select and Download as a Zip

The Document Library of Modern SharePoint now offers the functionality of “Download as ZIP.” You can download single files or multiple documents as ZIP files using the option of “Download as ZIP.”

You need to select all documents in the Document Library that you want to download. The next step is to click on the “Download” button. You’ll have a “Save As” box on your screen then, and you can save all documents by adding the “File Name” and clicking on the “Save” button.

Enhanced Security

2022 features of SharePoint include security enhancements lowering the risk of outages and any unauthorized access. These new features include authentication enhancements and workflow upgrades. Even though information access and sharing are optimized, the data integrity is never compromised. You also have the control to edit, access, or set any other security settings at the document or item level.

Companies dealing with sensitive data can benefit from the improved security features of this collaboration platform. To comply with the regulatory requirements of your industry regarding data security, you can set up different settings for auditing, storage, and share ability.

Flow & PowerApps Integration

Flow and PowerApps enable people to automate their workflows and quickly create custom applications. PowerApps allows users to build entry screens and rich forms. Flow creates workflows you can link with both libraries and lists. When these two tools combine, they offer robust features for the user.

You can create a flow within a SharePoint document library. The flow is then associated with the library. You can find PowerApps in lists and create from the toolbar.

Copy and Move Selected Document from One Website to Another

Modern features of SharePoint include “Copy To” and “Move To” features. By this, you can copy a selected document from the current Site and copy and move it to another Site or any other Document Library. To copy one document from a particular Site, select the Document and then click the “Copy” option at the top right in Library. And then follow the same step as for “Move To.”

Pace Up Business Processes

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust collaboration platform that enables you to collect and organize data in one centralized location. The form-driven solutions of this platform allow the users to collect data from customers and suppliers. They can then create business intelligence portals that allow them to display the information on dashboards, web parts, or scorecards. By this, they can track consumer preferences in a better way, predict fluctuations in supply and demand, and make better business decisions.


The new features of SharePoint in 2022 show that it is a powerful collaboration platform that offers integration support with other on-premise systems. You can use it to create websites, both internal and external. It is a useful tool for business intelligence, collaboration files and documents, and document management. You can also bundle SharePoint with Office 365 Business for small and larger enterprises.

If you want to leverage the advantage of these new and exciting features of SharePoint or plan to migrate to SharePoint, contact Xavor Corporation. Xavor has helped a number of Fortune 500 companies switch to and adopt SharePoint for their organizations. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and nearly three decades of experience in offering Microsoft support services, Xavor ensures that your SharePoint journey is smooth, secure, and profitable for business.

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