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What to Do About The Fire Ants In Your Brisbane Home?

The frequency of fire ant nests in Brisbane backyards has increased fivefold since 2014 to date, with confirmed instances five times higher.

Infestations of fire ants first appeared in Queensland in 2001 in the south-western suburbs of Brisbane and at the Port of Brisbane, and have since spread to Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, and other parts of the state.

In Brisbane, confirmed reports of fire ant nests have been progressively growing.

According to numbers discovered during budget estimates, however, reports have increased in recent years.

In the Brisbane council region, only 315 fire ant sites were recorded and confirmed in 2014, but that number increased to 1629 last year. Confirmed fire ant nest sites increased from 963 in 2014 to 8670 in 2020 throughout ten municipal districts, including the Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Logan.

While the total number of officers’ treatment site visits climbed each year, there was a drop in 2020.

The above statics tells us, that if you live in Brisbane (and because you are reading this article), you most probably have ants on your property. But that doesn’t surprise us. Instead, the fact you are yet to call in the ant control specialist Brisbane is quite surprising to us. Because now they will spread across your property and inflict pain on your family and pets.

And you cannot stop that from happening if you stick to DIYs. Let us tell you why…

Diatomaceous Earth

Abrasive diatomaceous earth causes ants to dry out and die by destroying their exoskeleton and protective oils. Some home treatments for fire ants say that salt has the same effect. While diatomaceous earth may kill a few ants who come into direct contact with it, the effects will not be transferred to other ants.

Boiling Water

One alternative to calling the best ant exterminator that experts suggest is boiling water. Three litres of extremely hot water poured on a fire ant mound kills around 60% of the mound.

When soap is added, the success rate can reach 70%. However, researchers suggest care if taking this path. Mishandling boiling water, soapy or not, can result in severe burns. It will also harm the grass and plants in the area. Although effective, this method cannot get rid of the ants deep within the hills or the hidden ants in other areas that you failed to fathom.

Dish Soap Solutions

Soap-based fire ant spray formulas are very popular online. However, homemade soap remedies will not get rid of fire ant mounds. Insecticides based on soap function by breaking the bugs’ protective layer. However, commercially available, EPA-registered insecticidal soaps do not list fire ants on their labels. When the soap dries, the product’s reach is limited.

Similarly, homemade vinegar treatments will kill grass and plants but not fire ant colonies. So, if you are a gardener or simply want to protect your yard from such remedies, search for “ant treatment brisbane” instead.

Club Soda

You’ve probably heard that pouring club soda on fire ant mounds works. Club soda’s carbon dioxide is said to smother entire fire ant colonies. However, despite the bubbles, a study suggests that club soda does not affect fire ants, mounds, or queens. Home remedy field experiments with molasses, aspartame, baking soda and plaster of Paris produced the same result.

Ground Coffee

For some years, gardeners have been using old coffee grounds for everything from garden mulch to compost fuel, so it’s no surprise that some people claim the grounds also kill fire ants. However, researchers disagree: Coffee grinds were sprinkled on the ground like a fire ant mound treatment and monitored for 30 days. And it did not affect the fire ants or their activities.

Effective Treatment for Fire Ant Management

Treatment methods for fire ant nests include:

  • Baiting by air (sterilization)
  • Nest Injection Direct (chemical)
  • Baiting with a hand (sterilization)

Licensed Pest Technicians will inject deep into the nest with a special rod and inject a chemical insecticide. The surface area of the nest is then sprayed with insecticide.

When baiting for fire ants, pest technicians and fire ant agencies would typically form an emu procession and distribute pieces of maize that have been sterilised.

The queen consumes this insect growth regulator, which prevents her from reproducing and so limits population expansion. Despite being chemically prepared, these baits pose no hazard to humans or animals.

A helicopter will disperse the bait in wide rural areas by hovering at low heights of 15 metres above the earth. Property containing water tanks is avoided with caution.

The fire ant bait has been designed specifically to combat this pest.

To be gravely impacted, any animal (or human) would have to consume their bodyweight in bait in less than 24 hours. This is exceedingly unlikely because the chemical degrades after 24 hours of being exposed to direct sunlight.

What do you think now? Is DIY more effective or a treatment done by professionals having deep knowledge about this specific matter? Trust us, don’t waste your time on these hazardous remedies and search for “ant treatment near me”.


Can ant control near me get rid of ants?

Yes. An expert can get rid of ants through thorough investigation and then execution.

What do ants hate the most?

Many things are hated by ants one of them is cayenne paper.

How do I get rid of Ants permanently?

The best way to get rid of ants is by investing in ant pest control treatment and then maintaining the hygiene of your place.

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