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What is the Most Common Reason for Motorcycle accidents?

Reason for Motorcycle accidents happen for many causes.   According to Cesar Ornelas As per Science Direct, they may be the result of an operator’s error or extreme weather. The accidents can also be the result of unsafe road conditions or mechanical issues. However, the majority of accidents are caused by the actions of reckless motorists. Some of the most frequent reasons for motorcycle accidents are:

Driving while drunk. The consumption of alcohol or other controlled drugs is the main factor in the occurrence of motorbike accidents. If drivers are affected by alcohol or controlled substances, they may significantly slow down their reaction or their decision-making. Reason for Motorcycle accidents

aggressive driving. Certain accidents are caused by aggressive drivers. When drivers move between lanes in a hurry, they are often unable to pay attention to motorcyclists who are in front of them.

Car Door Collisions. Similar to cyclists, motorcycle riders also have the danger of drivers of parked vehicles who open their doors in the way of their bikes. Reason for Motorcycle accidents

dangerous Road Situations. Sometimes, the road itself is the most significant cause for the crash of a motorcycle. Roads that do not have traffic signals or aren’t maintained properly can be a significant factor in creating crashes. Reason for Motorcycle accidents

Motorbike Defects. Certain accidents would not happen without the malfunctioning parts of the motorcycle. In these instances, it is an option to find the company responsible for the crash.

What is the speed at which Most Motorcycle Accidents Take Place?

What is the speed at which Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

Many people believe that speed is the cause of every motorcycle crash. However, these accidents can happen in any direction. Research has revealed that most riders travel at less than thirty miles an hour before a collision.

The speed of motorcyclists can be a contributing factor to the accidents but not as often as people think. In the end, speeding motorcyclists will be not as significant in these crashes as the recklessness of other motorists.

No matter what speed at which you travelled You could have a right to financial compensation following a motorbike accident.

What is the impact of speeding on the likelihood of motorcycle accidents?

How does speeding affect the likelihood of motorcycle accidents?

Speeding, along with other forms of reckless driving, could drastically increase the chance of a crash on a motorcycle. This is true for motorcyclists and drivers who share the roads with. Speeding can cause accidents for motorcycles by reducing the reaction time other drivers experience. The reduced speed of response can hinder a driver’s ability to stay clear of a collision with the motorcycle. Speeding up can increase the chance of a motorcycle collision due to the driver’s risk of losing control of the vehicle. If motorists make mistakes when moving at a fast speed, they’re more likely to make mistakes and result in an accident. Reason for Motorcycle accidents

Speeding can cause a problem that goes beyond causing a crash on a motorcycle. In addition, driving at high speeds could cause a more severe crash on the road. The risk of a crash at a low speed is not always risk-free, however high-speed crashes greatly increase the likelihood of serious or even fatal injuries. Reason for Motorcycle accidents

If you’ve been injured in an accident on a motorcycle caused by the speed of a driver, you may have a right to substantial compensation. Reach out to Ben Crump Law, PLLC immediately toll-free at 800-713-1222 to discuss your case.

How does distracted driving cause motorcycle accidents?

What is the reason that distracted driving can Lead to Motorcycle Accidents?

Distracted driving happens whenever drivers divert their attention to other things. Distractions could range from checking email to conversing with a driver. Distracted driving can cause motorcycle accidents in a variety of ways.

There are three kinds of driving distracted. Many times, drivers who distract their attention from the road suffer from three kinds of distraction. The primary type of distraction is referred to as a visual distraction. Anything that diverts drivers’ attention off the roadway can be a distraction from the visual. The other type of distraction is by manual. Motor vehicle driving requires both hands and using either or both hands to perform other tasks increases the risk of crashing. The final type of distraction is cognitive disorientation. This kind of distraction occurs when a driver diverts their thinking abilities away from the car’s operations.

Numerous factors can lead to distracted driving. The most common reasons for distracted driving are:



Consuming food

Examining emails

Conversations with other passengers

Streaming videos

Looking for objects

Making adjustments to the radio

What happens if I get into a motorcycle accident? Does the lawyer handle The Insurance Companies for Me? Reason for Motorcycle accidents

What happens if I get into a motorcycle accident? Does the lawyer handle my Insurance Companies for Me?

One of the major benefits of hiring a lawyer to handle your injury case is that they will be your advocate. That means your accident lawyer will be able to deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

This kind of advocacy goes beyond an added convenience. The insurer of the other party will go to extreme measures to avoid liability in the event of an injury. They employ a myriad of methods to injure motorcyclists to put their claims at risk.

One strategy is insisting on a settlement before you get legal counsel. Early offers could pay for your medical bills however, they are typically insufficient compared to the real worth that your case is worth. An attorney can make sure you don’t take an unfair settlement.

Insurance adjusters often take statements from riders who have been injured in the hope of using their own words against the injured rider. If you have an attorney in your place, you don’t need to worry about the insurance company stealing your statements without context.

Do You Need to appear in Court for a Motorcycle Injury?

Do You Need to appear in Court to resolve a Motorcycle Injury?

The chance that you’ll need to appear in court to resolve the result of a motorbike accident. This is particularly true when you’re pursuing personal injury claims against the other driver who was involved in the accident. Even though testifying at trial could be an option the positive side is that the majority of injuries are settled before a trial becomes essential. If you’re able to resolve your dispute with the other party you will not require additional court appearances.

If you’re represented by a legal professional the trial will likely be the only time you have to appear before a judge personally. It’s not the same if you represent yourself in a case of injury. A lot of injury cases require multiple hearings over time. While your lawyer can be present on your behalf but you’ll have to appear on your own when you are acting as your lawyer.

Affidancing on your behalf in court is just one of the many benefits of hiring an attorney for motorcycle accidents. For more information on the ways that a competent legal professional can assist you with your case, call Ben Crump Law, PLLC at 800-713-1222 today.

What Happens If the at-fault party doesn’t have Insurance?

What happens if At-Fault Party isn’t insured?

Insurance policies for liability are responsible to pay the majority of injuries that result from motorbike accidents. What does it mean if the person at fault is not insured? Fortunately, you have multiple legal options to choose from.

The most common solution for situations where the at-fault party isn’t insured is to file an uninsured driver (UIM) claim through your insurance company. UIM policies cover your losses in the event that the driver at fault in a collision is not insured. They also cover you when the other driver is covered by insurance, but the value of your losses is greater than and over the policy limits.

UIM coverage could be an emergency for many, however, not all drivers have this kind of policy. Some states do not require UIM insurance, so a lot of drivers don’t choose to enroll. If your insurance policy doesn’t include UIM coverage, making claims with your insurance provider is not an alternative.

In addition to UIM coverage, another alternative is to pursue an individual lawsuit against the party at fault. Although your case may be unsuccessful, the chances are high that the defendant doesn’t have enough assets to cover the number of damages you’re entitled to.

What is the time I Need for Filing a Lawsuit Following a Motorcycle Injury?

What is the time I need to file a lawsuit Following a Motorcycle accident?

The time required to file a motorcycle accident suit is not indefinite. Similar to all lawsuits the claims of a motorcycle accident are governed by statutes of limitations. This statute is a time limit that is set by the law of the state. Every state includes a law of limitation however, the deadline to file a suit differs from state to state.

The time limit for filing a lawsuit will differ between states. Certain states require plaintiffs to bring suit within one year. Other states allow injury victims up to five years to progress with their injury claims. The time you need to pursue a lawsuit following an accident with a motorcycle is dependent upon the law of the particular state in which the accident took place. It is essential to discuss the deadline with your attorney before beginning the claim of injury.

Certain situations give you a shorter time to file claims. If your claim is aimed at an entity that is a government agency Some states require you to notify the organization about your claims within months from the time the injury has occurred. This provides you with a limited time to begin legal action.

The consequences of filing a lawsuit when the statute is about to expire are severe.  According to Cesar Ornelas. The court will likely accept the motion of the defendant to dismiss your case permanently even if the fundamental facts favour your side.

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