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What is cold pressed oils? How beneficial is this oil from other oil for cooking

Which oil do you use at home for cooking, mustard, refined or some kind of seed oils, also known as traditional cold pressed oil? If your answer is that you only use all three in a month for cooking, then you need to know that your health is in danger somewhere. Yes, we may use these three oils unknowingly but it harms our health. You must be aware of the harmful effects of refined oils, as well as getting pure mustard oil in the market has become difficult now and it is a matter of cold pressed oil, so this oils is a bit expensive, so people use it a little less. Do the same. Let us know which oil is more beneficial for you.

Cold Pressed Oil

Cold pressed is a method in which oil is extracted from the seed or kernel, but before that the seed is well pressed or crushed, after which the oil is extracted from it. Only and only light machines are used in this whole process. These machines do not get hot and even if they are, they get very hot. No external chemicals of any kind are added during the extraction of oil while doing the process like cold pressed. For this reason cold pressed oil is said to be absolutely pure. You will see that the oil extracted by cold pressed has a pure taste, aroma, nutritional value and all its properties are similar to that of the original seed. The oil extracted by cold pressed method is not even filtered, so this type of oil is very effective.

In fact, the oil extracted from the cold pressed process is extracted only and only from the seeds, that is why cold pressed oil is also costlier than common oil.

Which cold pressed oil is best

Olive cold pressed oil is most in trend these days. However cold pressed oils like coconut oil, sesame are also available in the market. Cold pressed can be used raw or can be used after heating a little very lightly. As such, every oil has different properties and the temperature of heating each oil is also different. Olive oil is the softest while coconut cold pressed oil can be used by heating.

Raw Ghani Mustard Oil

Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil is also known as “Kachchi Ghani” oils in India. It can also be called cold pressed oils in a way, but it is difficult to find such oil in the market now. No chemical of any kind is added to this oil and neither hot machines are used to extract the oil. If this oil is not filtered, then all the properties of mustard seeds are present in it.

Refined oil

The process of making refined oils is slightly different but some parts of it are similar to cold pressed. In fact, when oil is extracted from the seed, the complete oil is not obtained. When some kind of solvent is added to remove the oil completely. The job of this solvent is to separate the oil from the seed. After adding solvent, the seed is heated and oil is extracted from it. In this process all the oil comes out from the seed, which is filtered to make refined oil.

Which oil is best to eat

The use of cold pressed oil is very good in food as it contains many types of antioxidants which increase the ability to fight against diseases. It is very beneficial to use cold pressed oil raw or use it only after heating it lightly. You should not heat it too fast and should not do the work of frying at all.

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