What are the different types of non-return valves?

The importance of using non-return valves is immense especially when we talk about potable water distribution and transmission projects. For water projects, it is vital to ensure that the fluid (water) flows only in one direction. What can be helpful here? Devices like types of non-return valves can be highly beneficial in this potable water transmission industry. Non-return valves can allow fluid to flow via them only unidirectionally. These valves operate automatically. You can get in touch with one of the best suppliers of non-return valves in the Middle East and GCC region. Remain with us and read this article to explore a lot about non-return valves.

What are non-return valves?

Non-return valves are also called one-way valves or check valves that usually permit fluids to flow via them but only in a single direction. These are two-port valves which consist of two openings in the valve body. One opening permits the liquid to enter whereas the other allows the particular liquid to leave. The operation of non-return valves is automatic, which means this type of valve is not controlled by any external control or person. So, these valves don’t have any stem or valve handle.

Non-return valves are one of the most popular valves and are used in numerous industries that mainly include the potable water transmission sector. These types of valves are compact, not so costly and simple in operation. You will find non-return valves for sure in various systems & equipment. One question may arise – Do the appearance of these valves and functions the same or not? The answer is no. Several types of non-return valves may seem not different but can be used in distinct circumstances. Always remember that the function of non-return valves always remains the same, that means from the core.

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Mention the working principle of NRVs:

The mechanism which is followed by non-return valves is to permit the respective medium only in one direction. These valves have two openings: a) inlet and b) outlet. A closing member is present in NRV which separates the outlet and inlet remaining in between. When a particular fluid (water) sets forth into the non-return valves via the valve inlet, then the pressure of the fluid keeps that closing member open. Now, when the fluid tries to move in a backward direction then the closing member encloses the entrance and avoids the fluid flow. It depends on the specific application for which NRVs are used, and on that basis, you can purchase the required valves. You can find different types of non-return valves along with various designs to choose from as per particular applications.

What are the different types of non-return valves?

Have a look at different types of non-return valves:

1. Swing check valves

Swing check valves are simple devices which are specially designed for one-way fluid flow. Once the disc shifts to fully opened or fully closed status. As compared to metal-to-metal seating surfaces, the swing check valves having soft-seat are much more leakproof. To get more leakproof features, the seats are united with a metal seat ring. When there is a larger seat angle the movement of the disc gets limited and it helps in making loud noises. Therefore his type of non-return valves is also considered quiet among all NRVs. Swing check valves are specially designed that can effectively suit particular application types.

2. Lift Check valves

Lift check valves are a type of valves which are installed for preventing the suction line to run empty. This type of non-return valve is majorly used in high-pressure services & where the fluid flow usually has the highest speed. The seat design of lift check valves is compared to those of globe valves. The disc is usually present inside the piston or ball. The feature of leak-proof lift check valves is quite better than swing check valves.

3. Tilting disc check valves

As there are some flaws of swing check valves, therefore the creation and usage of tilting disc check valves increased to a great extent. These types of valves are specially designed so that they can be completely open. Tilting disc check valves are the ultimate choice for potable water projects, cooling water, raw water, treated wastewater/ water applications etc. Among the other types of non-return valves, tilting disc check valves are best for high-speed, pulsing as well as turbulent fluid flows.

4. Folding disk check valves

These valves have soft seats which are used in low-pressure liquid applications. the main features of folding disc check valves – are compact and light in weight structure. These characteristics make folding disc check valves a very popular type of valve.

5. Stop check valves

Stop check valves are mainly used as isolation valves that are a type of globe valve. These valves permit us to begin and stop the fluid flow in our piping system. These valves are distinct as they permit users to regulate the fluid flow too.

6. In-line or vertical check valves

Vertical or in-line check valves are those types of non-return valves that usually come in two arrangements. Let us talk about in-line ball check valves. These types of non-return valves are used in vertical and horizontal lines. When they are used in the horizontal lines, the completely guided disc of in-line check valves must have the aid of the spring-assisted closure. While in the vertical lines, the spring-assisted closure can be or not be supplied. This spring-assisted closure is highly effective to close the non-return valves quicker. and that avoids the reversal of fluid flow and therefore it also reduces the loud noises. This type of non-return valve can also be used in pulsing fluid flows like discharge lines of the reciprocating compressors. As their sizes are small in size so that makes them famous, especially for small places.

Benefits of using non-return valves

Non-return valves are available in a broad range of costs and sizes. These valves are usually less costly and simple in structure. Even non-return valves help in energy savings.


So, we hope you have liked reading this article regarding non-return valves. The usage of non-return valves helps in defending compressors and pumps from damage. These valves come in various sizes and shapes. Results of reverse fluid backflow have severe effects on the water system. The advantages of NRVs lies – save energy and lessen from valve failure as well as maintenance cost. So, you can reach out to one of the reliable suppliers of non-return valves in the Middle East and GCC region.

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