Vape Shops Guide to Types of Vape Mods:

The vape mods are very popular nowadays, so understanding the types of vape mods is very important and beneficial for vape shops, read why!

Since, Vape mods are the latest release of devices in the vaping community, known for their firepower and advanced personalization capabilities. These are also very popular among the vapers. So it is a good time to explain to vape shops representatives about the various types of vape mods, so they can suggest to their customers and keep the best option in stock available from the best vape wholesale distributor in the United States.

How the term mod came into existence:

The term mod comes from when vapers converted a flashlight into a vaping device. The reason vapers turned flashlights into vapers was for one simple reason, more cloud babies!

At the time, vape enthusiasts were trying to improve existing devices. MacGyver in them wanted to know how far he could push the vape. They got a cloud of fat feathers, but it didn’t come without some rough moments and some explosions.

These days, the mods you see in your vape shop don’t seem to be sketchy. With the mainstream acceptance and commercial availability of these mod devices, you can find a wide range of stylish designs that ensure a strong vapor cloud.

An innovative feature that enabled greater firepower was the introduction of sub-ohm coils. Using a coil with less resistance rather than using a larger battery with more bolts allows more energy to flow through the coil without increasing the size of the battery.

Since the resistance of the sub-ohm coil is less than 1ohm, the current flows at a higher speed. The more current that flows through the coil, the larger the cloud will be created and the more nicotine will be supplied. Unless you smoke at 0 mg)

Depending on the wattage of your device, the manufacturer recommends the optimum coil resistance. A better understanding of resistor choice requires a practical knowledge of Ohm’s law and meters.

Different types of Vape Mod Devices:

Let’s take a look at different types of vape mod devices.

Vape mods fall into two categories.

  • FIXED / Regulated Mods
  • Unregulated Mods

Regulated mods:

Regulated Mods are mods with an internal circuit board. The circuit board allows the integration of various customizable functions such as variable voltage, power and temperature control, as well as safety features. Don’t worry my friends’ none of these things are as complicated as they can hear. Take a look below to see what that means for you!

Safety Function (Battery Protection Circuit):

  • Short circuit protection prevents the device from catching fire in the event of a short circuit. It exists to prevent damage to the battery.
  • Overcharge/discharge protection prevents the device from catching fire when the battery is overcharged or the device is overused.
  • Thermal protection breaks the device function to hit, for preventing overheated battery
  • If the coil resistance is incorrect, the minimum / maximum resistance protection device will not work.

Personalization Function (PCB):

  • Fixed Voltage: Fixed output voltage of the vaping device that guarantees a consistent vaping experience. Even if the battery is low, it consumes the same amount of bolts to get a constant amount of steam.
  • Variable Voltage/Wattage:

The Variable Voltage Pod allows you to increase and decrease the voltage, which increases power through the atomizer and output of your vape mod. So, you are in control of the taste and cloud production as well as throat hit.

  • Temperature Control: This mod provides you with the capability to increase or decrease the temperature of your mod. The device adjusts the output according to your set temperature while preserving the coil life.

Tube Mods:

Tube mods are vape pens powered with sub-ohm tanks. When the Vape Pen was first launched in the mid-2000s, the device was equipped with a less powerful clearomizer tank. Tube mods have the latest vaping technology to improve performance, making them a new and dependable gadget for beginners. Most vape pens on the market these days are tube mods with push buttons. This is discussed in more detail in the Vape Pen section.

If you’re looking for a tube mod, check out the Beginners Starter Kits article for bundle trading.

 Box Remodelling:

Box mods are the most advanced and powerful devices currently available on the market. You’ve probably seen a vapor with a box-shaped device blowing a huge cloud. Apart from the shape of the device, Box Mod has more battery power than the previous vapes and also has advanced features to personalize the vaping experience.

Box Mods generally have these features.

  • Sub Ohm Tank
  • External battery
  • Variable voltage / power
  • Temperature control (some have this feature)
  • The LED screen displays information such as battery life, ohmmeter, puff count, voltage/watt setting, temperature setting, and more.
  • Atomizer airflow control

Unregulated Mods:

Unregulated mods are mods that do not have the built-in features found in regulated mods. This means that no electrical circuitry has been implemented to protect the user from device malfunctions. It only includes a battery and an atomizer with a case to hold it. Since it has no safety features it is highly risky for non-experienced vapers.

Since several Kinds of unregulated mods are available in the market, and it is highly advised that these are not for beginners.


Above we have explained the various types of vape mods, and now it is obvious that the regulated or fixed mods are safer for beginners as well as advanced vapers. But advanced vapers do sometimes ask for unregulated mods also for enjoying the freedom of vaping of their choice.

Vape Shop owners and representatives are advised to understand these types clearly and always guide their valuable customers about the best options for them. But vape shops will still need to have some inventory of unregulated vape mods in addition to the regulated vape mods, which should be purchased only from a reliable vape wholesale dealer in the United States.

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