Using Tweezers for Ingrown Hair & Bad Habits That Lead to Ingrown Hairs

Tweezers for Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs usually occur with a sharp tip. Ingrown hair can grow into the skin; for the same reason, ingrown hairs have earned their name. Shaving or improper waxing or tweezing can lead to ingrown hairs. When a shaved hair leaves the hair strand with a pointed tip, it results in ingrown hair. Tweezing or waxing leaving a fragment in the hair follicle can also lead to ingrown hair. An ingrown hair is unsightly, painful, and annoying; moreover, frequent tweezing with unsterilized tweezers or needles results in ingrown hair. When you use tweezers for ingrown hair, ensure you sterilize it first to remove the annoying hair from the skin.

Bad Habits That Result in Ingrown Hair

The following bad habits can cause an ingrown hair problem:

Not Exfoliating Often: Exfoliating can do all the wonders you have dreamt of for your skin. Exfoliating can help you in many ways like removing dead skin cells from the outer layers of the stratum corneum. Frequent exfoliation can also get rid of ingrown hair from a constricting layer of skin cells. Using one of the exfoliating products for ingrown hairs can help you prevent ingrown hairs. Various exfoliating products are available in the market; nevertheless, you should choose the one that you may feel comfortable using.

Shave Against the Direction of Hair Growth: The opinion of most experts is that shaving against grain aids in preventing ingrown hairs. Some dermatologists believe that one should shave in the direction where hairs grow. They believe it because it encourages the hair to grow straight than curl back into the skin. Yet, there is a jury that is out to decide whether shaving with or against the grain prevents ingrown hairs. You may try both methods to find out which causes the least irritation to your skin. However, you should stick to the opinion of some dermatologists and shave against the direction of hair growth.

Tweezing with Unsterilized Tweezers or Needles: Tweezing or plucking hairs with tweezers for ingrown hair without sterilizing them can cause ingrown hair. It may leave behind small hair fragments to embed with the skin. Additionally, tweezing or gouging out ingrown hairs, particularly those embedded deep with skin can lead to the worst symptoms. The worst symptoms of tweezing with unsterilized tweezers or needles include infection, scarring, or discoloration. Hence, you should only tweeze a hair if it’s near to the skin’s surface.

However, you should better leave the procedure to the dermatologist to help you get rid of ingrown hair. If you decide on tweezing the ingrown hair at home, ensure you use a sterilized needle or pair of tweezers. You can sterilize your tweezers via alcohol while deploying alcohol as a cleanser. You must also clean your hands and ingrown hair before tweezing

Pull the Skin Tightly When You Shave: It makes sense to pull the skin when hairs grow in particularly tight crevices. Or, hairs hardly reach the surface of the skin. Nevertheless, pulling the skin tightly while you shave can often result in little hair fragments in the follicle. It may even cause the hair to grow hair back into the skin. Moreover, use a razor with a flexible head if you find it difficult to reach removing small or hard-to-reach hairs. Also, change the razor frequently for shaving.

Using Dull or Old Razors: It may seem an economical option to you to use dull razors time and time again. Using dull and old razors to get rid of ingrown hairs will cause you more harm than any good. Old razors may only partially cut the hairs and leave the existing hairs with sharp tips. It will likely cause the hair fragments to grow beneath the skin or curl back into the skin. You shouldn’t take risks and often change your razors to prevent ingrown hairs. You should discard razors after every 5 and 10 uses. Besides, it will do you good if you have thick hair or shave throughout your body.

These are the bad habits you should avoid at all costs to prevent ingrown hairs. Moreover, if you choose to tweeze to remove ingrown hairs, you should sterilize the tool first.


Typically, ingrown hairs occur with a pointed tip. Ingrown hairs are unsightly, painful, and annoying for people who face this problem. You must evade the following five bad habits to prevent ingrown hairs

  1. Not Exfoliating Often
  2. Shave Against the Direction of Hair Growth
  3. Tweezing with Unsterilized Tweezers or Needles
  4. Pull the Skin Tightly When You Shave
  5. Using Dull or Old Razors

If you choose to tweeze to remove ingrown hairs while using tweezers for ingrown hairs, ensure you sterilize the tools. Last but not least, purchase good quality stainless steel tweezers so that you can remove ingrown hair with reduced pain.

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