Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Accounting

Accounting is the base of any organisation. Accounting careers are consistently in demand. This is the best option if you are good with numbers and want to establish a career with opportunities to progress. 

Reasons To Choose a Career In Accounting

Some of the reasons to choose an accounting career are :


All companies, whether big or small, will require services that offer accounting and financial expertise, making the accounting field stable. A career in accounting can provide stability as there will always be a need for your skill set. As long as people need help with taxes and business, there will always be a demand for an Accounting career. 

Progression and Professional Growth 

The accounting profession has a clear career path. Usually, a career in accounting starts with entry-level roles such as account assistant, finance junior or junior auditor. There will be progress within the role. 

Financially Rewarding

Once you get a reasonable amount of experience and land a better job, the potential earnings can be relatively favourable. A career in accounting offers better financial stability. 

Self Employment

With knowledge of accounting you can be your boss. You can start your own bookkeeping business and become self-employed. 

Variable Career Option

As you know, accounting is a vast area. The opportunities are broad. There are many branches of accounting, such as financial consultant, auditor, bookkeeper, investment auditor etc. You can choose your area of interest. 

Skills Needed For Accounting Professional

When choosing an accounting career, you need the skills and knowledge to be an expert in your area. Some skills that you may need to have are :

Analysis and Critical Thinking: As a professional accountant, one must learn how to critically assess and understand different types of financial data, identify any errors or contradictions, and then address them with appropriate solutions.

Mathematics And Technical Skills: An accounting professional’s primary skill is keen knowledge of data, finance systems, and technology. They also use statistical and mathematical knowledge to understand and interpret figures and solve financial problems.

Organizational Skills: As a professional accountant, one must work with various financial documents and undertake several tasks simultaneously. It requires exceptional organizational skills and acute attention to detail. 

Communication: Another skill needed for an accounting professional is communication skills. They need to explain complex financial transactions to clients and colleagues. Also need to give reports on their work.

Accounting Career Paths

As we know, accounting has a wide span of career opportunities. Some of the accounting careers are :

Financial Analyst

Financial analyst guides and advises businesses and individuals on how to make profitable investment decisions. 


  • Evaluating financial data
  • Recommending investments actions
  • Interpreting economic and business trends
  • Determining the value of a company’s financial statement
  • Preparing written financial statements
  • Discussing companies future with management

Financial Manager

Financial managers create financial reports, offer investment guidance, and develop long-term strategies to reach organizational goals.


  • Preparing financial activity reports, forecasts, and statements
  • Monitoring fiscal details and ensuring compliance
  • Overseeing employees’ financial reporting and budgeting
  • Review reports finding ways to reduce spending
  • Analyze market trends and find opportunities for expansion and profit
  • Advising company leaders on financial decisions

Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants perform forensic research and analysis of a company’s data to identify fraud and business revenue loss.


  • Review financial documents to identify inaccuracies
  • Analyze financial data and trace discrepancies
  • Prevent financial frauds
  • Prepare a report on revenue losses and damages from contract breaches
  • Investigate complex business cases to minimize risk
  • Perform regular financial record audits to ensure compliance with the law
  • Ensure all accounting procedures follow legislation
  • Keep organized files of all legal cases
  • Attend court when needed

Cost Accountant

A cost accountant performs cost analysis and prepares budget reports. Cost accountants need excellent analytical skills and the ability to combine different data and calculate profit margins.


  • Collect cost information  
  • Maintain an expenses database
  • Construct data accumulation systems
  • Determine fixed costs
  • Plan and record variable costs
  • Review standard and actual costs for inaccuracies
  • Prepare budgeting reports
  • Analyze and report profit margins
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual cost forecasts
  • Assisting in month-end and year-end closing
  • Identify and recommend cost-effective solutions

Pursue A Stable Career In Accounting

Accounting can offer solid job security, numerous job opportunities, the best pay, and chances to advance your career. There are many job portals available to build your career. SpotGiraffe is one of the best job portals for Accounting and Finance jobs. Register now to build your dream career.

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