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Top 8 best online event platforms of 2022

Best Online Event Platforms

Virtual events, as you are already aware of this term; we will share only brief information about virtual events in this blog.

But we will provide you with detailed information about the 8 virtual platforms that are the best platform according to us. Let’s start with the blog. Virtual events are online event that is held virtually, or these are the events that need a virtual platform for being hosted. 

Advantages of virtual events

  • Increased attendee count
  • Reduced expenses of attendees and organizers
  • Elevate sponsor and exhibitor value
  • Modern analytics 
  • Most effective networking

Where to host your virtual event?

With the advancement of technology, we can find many emerging companies that provide space for your virtual event. Let’s discuss them one by one, 


Mixhubb is a revolutionary, one of the best virtual event platforms that come with modern technological features. 

Types of events that you can host on Mixhubb

  • Social Webinar
  •  Conferences & summits 
  • Award ceremonies
  • Networking events
  •  Hybrid events 
  • Town halls
  • Fair & exhibitions Meet-ups

Mixhubb is a single platform for unlimited virtual events. Due to its scalability, you can easily increase the rate of attendees for your events. Right from the lobby to the booth, Mixhubb provides such an engaging and immersive environment to the attendees, that makes them feel like they are physically present in the event. Mixhubb also allows recording of the sessions, so the content can be used later according to the requirement.

The additional notable feature of Mixhubb are as follows

  • 3D Interface 
  •  Cost-Effective 
  • Smooth Onboarding
  • Quick and Easy Registration Management
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Network Table
  • Video Calls, Group chats
  • 100% Branding Opportunities
  • Customizable Environment
  • Self-Managed Platform
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Interactive Tools
  • Seamless Transition
  • Virtual Mics
  • Q&A, Live Polls
  • Data Analytics

Along with all the above-stated features, Mixhubb allows organizers to connect globally without worrying about the language of that region, because of its Multilingual Translator. 


BigMarker is another popular virtual event platform that comes with easy-to-use features. With BigMarker, you can host a small webinar session or an extensive virtual event with a limit of up to 1,000 attendees.

Additional features include: 

  •  Screen sharing 
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Recording
  • Chats via audio-video connections

BigMarker is a browser-friendly virtual platform. It allows organizations to add their logos to their digital platform, to increase brand awareness. It also allows the streaming of virtual events on Facebook or YouTube. 


GoToWebinar is a virtual platform that enables you to host an engaging virtual event gathering. It offers features like : 

  • Screen Sharing
  • Audience Polls
  • Handouts
  • Automated email marketing
  • Custom branding
  • Recording of Events
  • Detailed Analytics

With its GoToStage feature, organizers can send their promotional events to millions of audiences via webinars. It helps them to bring traffic to their event landing page or website.


It is a great virtual event platform for those organizers who are looking for extensive sponsorship and networking features for their events. It allows the organizers to accept up to 300 sponsors and can host the events with up to 100k attendees. Airmeet is an easy-to-use platform for both attendees as well as organizers. Airmeet integration with stripe allows the organizer to sell the tickets for the event and also enables the organizer to stream their event session on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Additional features include : 

  • One to One Speed Networking
  • Chat
  • Audience Engagement features


This virtual platform can be a good choice for those organizers who are looking for collaboration in virtual events like workshops, training, etc. Filo enables you to customize the virtual environment of the event. You can also download the content of the events. Filo integrates with Zoom for video conferencing. That makes the intuitive reliable quality of audio-video calls during online gatherings. Along with this, you can host unlimited Zoom meetings using Filo.

Additional features include:

  • Live stream, Live Zoom calls
  • Whiteboard
  • Branding Opportunities
  • Polling


Accelevents is another virtual space for hosting your events. On this platform, you can customize your virtual venue according to the need of your event or brand. Accelevents provide an opportunity for the organizers to connect with their attendees using customizable and interactive engagement features. It also allows attendees to participate in multiple breakout sessions, interact with the speakers and host of the event, and can participate in polls. Attendees can also download the content from the event.

Additional features include: 

  • Live chats
  • Ticketing and Registration 
  • Integrated Live Streaming 
  • Analytic Report 
  • Gamification Strong Customer care support


vFairs is a virtual event platform that can make your virtual event experience memorable. It offers 3D visual effects and immersive experiences to its attendees. With vFair organizers can manage their events by themselves. Organizers can modify the virtual venue according to the event. With the vfair, interactive feature organizers of the event can let attendees enjoy themselves to the fullest.

 Additional features include: 

  •  It lets attendees choose a medium to connect with the speakers, exhibitors, and host of the event from audio-video or chat.
  • It also offers an appointment scheduler so that attendees can easily connect to the speaker.


Hopin is another popular platform that offers complete solutions for virtual events and hybrid events. Using this platform, organizers can manage and host the events with up to 100,000 attendees. Hopin offers some basic features like chat and polls. The Reception, Stage, and Expo areas provide unique interaction with speakers and exhibitors resulting in memorable experiences for attendees. Its event scheduler feature is a smart way to manage and schedule the conferences. 

 No wonder,  the audience prefers virtual events instead of in-person events, as they help in raising brand awareness along with the above-mentioned benefits. 

So why not choose such a platform for your virtual events that help you to attain your sales goal? . Here in this blog, we have given you all the information about the virtual blogs that stand at the top que, according to us.

 So, try your hands on any of the above-mentioned virtual event platforms, and pick the most suitable option for your next virtual event

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