Top 12 Magento Statistics 2022

With the rise of online stores, eCommerce platforms like Magento appear to be in great demand. No doubt, Magento is one of the top content management systems (CMS) for online retailers. However, eCommerce companies appear to be expanding and becoming quite successful. We know that Magento is an open-source technology that helps online merchants have a versatile shopping cart and keep complete control over the functions and look of the online store. So, why not hire Magento developer to get an online store for your business? 

Did you know that in 2022, worldwide online retail sales are predicted to total $5.2 trillion? So, how can a leading eCommerce platform Magento fulfill the criteria of these stats? The Magento usage statistics are crucial since they aid in identifying certain key elements relating to the platform, like its global usage, popularity, and growth. So, in this post, we will discuss the statistics of the Magento platform.

What are the exceptional Magento Statistics in 2022?

Without Magento, the list of top eCommerce platforms list is incomplete. Over time, this eCommerce platform has prospered to rank among the most widely used and practical eCommerce platforms worldwide. Online merchants will benefit from having a better understanding of the scope and power of this outstanding eCommerce platform thanks to Magento usage data. 

For many years, Magento has continued to be one of the market leaders in the eCommerce space. It continues to be thriving with new features and functions and is regarded as one of the top eCommerce platforms available. One of the most effective ecommerce platforms is Magento however, this also adds a certain amount of complexity.

Magento powers 0.7% of the internet. 

Although it might not seem like much, these figures are not negligible. Magento presently controls 0.7 percent of all known websites, some of which lack a content management system or have a custom-coded foundation. You can imagine how many websites already utilize Magento when you consider that there are more than 1.5 billion websites in existence. This is impressive in part because, in contrast to WordPress or Drupal, it is primarily an ecommerce-specific piece of software. So, if you also want to have your Magento store, avail of Magento development services. 

11% of the websites using Magento are based in the US.

Despite the fact that the majority of websites using the Magento platform are from the US, use statistics reveal a global widespread. Apart from Western Europe, countries like South America, India, Africa, and Russia use Magento for their eCommerce business.

Magento holds a 1.1 percent market share for CMSs.

1.1 percent of websites using CMS utilize Magento, which is a decrease of roughly 0.4 percent from the previous year. With a 5.6 percent market share, Shopify has a somewhat bigger share of the CMS market.

The third most used e-commerce platform worldwide is Magento.

If we only keep track of ecommerce websites, Shopify would win the Magento vs. Shopify battle. Magento represents 9% of the e-commerce market (including open source and enterprise versions). WooCommerce makes up 30%, while Shopify makes up 18%. Therefore, why don’t you hire Magento developer to create your robust Magento store? 

Magento is the ecommerce platform of choice for more than 250,000 businesses globally.

More than a quarter of a million merchants use Magento, a powerful CMS, to manage their online stores, according to data from Magento itself.

10.39% of Magento stores are based in the lifestyle sector.

According to a survey by SimilarTech, 10.39% of Magento stores are centered in the lifestyle sector, following the home and garden sector. According to these statistics, Magento is a top choice among eCommerce platforms for owners of businesses in the lifestyle sector.

More than 2.5 million people have downloaded the Magento platform code.

According to one statistic, more than 2.5 million copies of the Magento platform code were downloaded in 2019, and Magento-based eCommerce platforms processed more than $155 billion in sales. Every year that goes by sees an increase in the number and statistics. 

Agencies that use Magento grow three times faster than other

Magento is a strong and adaptable eCommerce platform that enables merchants to easily scale their operations. One study found that companies using Magento typically expand almost three times as quickly as companies using alternative eCommerce systems.

At Marketplace, there are more than 3500 Magento extensions.

The eCommerce platform Magento is quite adaptable and versatile and has multiple features and functionalities already built in. To increase its functionality, Magento now has more than 3500 extensions accessible on the Magento marketplace. As a result, it gives merchants the option to expand the functionalities or even have a custom extension created to meet their specific needs.

7,500 Clients Switch to Magneto

Within the eCommerce ecosystem, Magento faces more migration than the industry average. About 7,500 customers have switched from OpenCart, osCommerce, and VirtueMart to Magento. In the ecommerce ecosystem, Magento appears to face higher-than-average inward migration. In the past year, it has acquired roughly 7,500 merchants from just three rival CMSs. WooCommerce Checkout is the only platform with a sizable net outbound migration.

Magento Processes Annual Transactions Worth Over $155 Billion

According to statistics on the Magento website, the digital commerce platform processes more than $155 billion worth of gross product volume annually. In fact, the third amount of volume is managed by the top 1000 online merchants from the US and Canada in terms of absolute value. Anyone who still thinks Magento is a niche player in e-commerce should reconsider.

The United States is where the majority of Magento stores are located.

According to one report, American enterprises dominate the Magento eCommerce market. A staggering 65,173 Magento stores are headquartered in the US, accounting for 42.2 percent of all Magento stores worldwide.

Key Takeaways

There are many different eCommerce systems available in the market today. However, Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms for eCommerce owners or customers whether you’re considering opening an online store or are a potential Magento customer. The enormous community that supports this open-source eCommerce platform contributes to making it faster, safer, and more stable. So, whether you want a small or large platform, hire Magento developer to improve your customer reach and value growth.

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