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Top 10 Best Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur is a completely unique capital town that you must now no longer leave out whilst you are traveling in Southeast Asia. 

For one, it’s reasonably priced for a town this size, now no longer very widely known to different backpackers, and for the most part, the town is the melting pot of religions. 

Wherein humans of many ideals and races stay collectively in concord ensuing in one of the great locations to exit and consume and discover beautiful styles of architecture and cultures in Kuala Lumpur.

I actually have spent more than 2 weeks in Kuala Lumpur in 2019 journeying pals and I had a threat to look at the town from each traveller. 

And nearby views so here’s manual on pinnacle 10 activities in Kuala Lumpur for backpackers. If you want to find the pin code of the hotel then you can get it from the Pincode of my current location.

1. Visit The Petronas Twin Tower.

The Twin Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks of the town. It is the tallest dual tower withinside the global status at 452 m excessive with 88 floors. 

At night time, the silvery tower is lit up with lighting displaying its surprising metallic paintings. In their complete glory, a sight to behold. 

The locals additionally want to hang out across the tower. As it’s one of the most famous buying regions in KL. So this area isn’t always a terrible area to move humans looking as well.

Petronas Tower all through the day is likewise really well worth journeying with the aid of using on foot via the long-lasting tower and getting entry to the quiet park at the back of it. 

You can take a seat down, loosen up and experience the stunning greenery of the park withinside the center of stunningly tall skyscrapers.

2. Climb Up The Hindu Temple In Batu Cave.

Only an hour’s education trip far from the town middle is a sacred Hindu temple placed magnificently inside a limestone mountain. 

In the front of the Cathedral cave is the 43m excessive golden statue of Lord Murugan. You can climb the 272 steps as much as the pinnacle. 

Wherein you may locate Hindu shrines constructed flawlessly beneath near the solar ray coming via the cavern. It is one of the maximum nonsecular shapes in KL and an exciting one to witness.

Getting there may be quite simple. Simply get yourself to KL Sentral station and take an education that is going to the Batu Cave and you’re done.

3. Check Out Merdeka Square.

Merdeka Square or Independence Square is an area of country-wide importance because right here that the Union Flag changed diminished and the Malayan flag was hoisted for the primary time in 1957. 

If you’re seeking out a spoil from the concrete wall of the town, that is the area to be. With its spacious region and luxurious inexperienced field, journeying right here withinside the morning may be a completely nonviolent experience.

 While you loosen up withinside the rectangular, you may indulge yourself within the dazzling Islamic + European fashion structure surrounding the rectangular together with the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

4. Become A Bird-Nerd At The KL Bird Park.

At the coronary heart of this busy town is the “World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary” which gives 20.9 acres of verdant valley terrain full of stunning birds with the intention to discover. 

I changed into stuck with the aid of using wonder after I changed into on foot across the town as I did now no longer assume the town to be complete-on nature like this. Get the accurate pin code or zip code of your hotel from what is my zip code.

I located out that they reserve components of the town to create a park and a part of that changed into the fowl park. 

Take note Bangkok due to the fact KL is definitely greener than you! If you like nature as much as I do, KL gives a manner with the intention to get away from the town with little effort.

5. Pay Respect At The National Monument.

As you stroll to the fowl park, do not forget to pay your admiration to the countrywide monument. 

The monument is a sculpture constructed in remembrance of the courageous infantrymen who died preventing the independence of the USA. 

This ancient sculpture has additionally marked its area withinside the ee-ebook of statistics for being the tallest freestanding institution of bronze sculptures.

The stroll from the town up right here provides you a first-rate threat to study the locals whilst on the monument benefits you with the view of the town from afar. Definitely really well worth a stroll. 

If it is now no longer too warm outside. We have been melting while we are determined to stroll right here all through mid-day!

6. Stroll Around The Perdana Botanical Gardens In The Evening.

While you’re on the National Monument, stroll south closer to the principal avenue. 

And you’ll locate the Perdana Botanical Garden, an inexperienced, quiet, and nonviolent area with the intention to loosen up, far far from all of the town noises. 

The area is huge with lots of areas with the intention to stroll around. You will regularly locate many locals exercising, going for walks, and playing the character withinside the night.

If you’re seeking out a quiet area to take a seat down round in nature as opposed to in malls, that is the area to be. 

I’d suggest you return back withinside the night around 6 PM whilst the solar is set to set. The climate may be best for a bit of walking and taking a seat down beneath a tree, studying your preferred books.

7. Learn About Malaysia History At The National Museum.

When I visited Malaysia for the 1/3 time, I became more curious about the USA. the way it got here. 

And I was determined to go to the National Museum (Muzium Negara) simply to the south of the Perdana Botanical Gardens. And boy did I get blown away with the aid of using the exhibition.

The Museum is split into four rooms which include the prehistoric generation, Malay kingdoms generation, Colonial generation, and Modern generation. 

All of which are effortlessly observed with incredible clarification of the way the U.S. went via every generation. The Malay kingdoms and Colonial generation are the highlights of the museum in case you are inquisitive about history.

8. Devour Your Way Through Jalan Alor Street.

The meals are one of the spotlights for journeying to KL. And the Jalan Alor avenue will now no longer disappoint you. KL is a multicultural town so you can assume that there are numerous meals here. 

From Chinese meals to Thai meals, the opportunities are endless! I located a sincerely correct Thai eating place right here wherein you may ask for an actual “Thai” spice. You realize it is an actual Thai spice while your decrease returns begin off evolved sweating in your 1/3 spoon!

9. Enjoy Nightlife At Changkat Avenue.

Nearly all Asian metropolitans with an ex-pat community. There is sure to be an area to experience a pint of beer with pals at night time.

One of the most famous avenues to exit at night time is Changkat Avenue. An avenue sandwiched with the aid of endless bars and eating places with the intention to indulge yourself. 

I individually decide on a quieter area with an excellent environment to speak to humans and I regularly visit Havana Bar & Grill on the cease of the road in place of the loud golf equipment alongside the principal Changkat Avenue.

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