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Tips to Set Up Your Workplace at Home

Work from Home has emerged as a new trend ever since the lockdown, which made it risky for us all to travel and work out of our offices. While most workspaces have been restored to their full capacity ever since, interestingly the Work from Home trend continues to gain popularity, especially among freelancers who choose to work from comfort spaces or even among employees who wish to work remotely. However, our homes are not designed for work, rather they are spaces to rest and rejuvenate, which more often than not impact our productivity and quality of work. Through this list we wish to help you create a wholesome workplace in your home that will maximise your productivity:

Select a Space

In the quest of selecting a workplace in your home, it is important to consider, regardless of whether your home is large or not, choose a location with the fewest distractions. Because any potential distractions around you have the greatest impact on your productivity, a desk in front of a window is one of the best home office workspace ideas. As the window is the ideal location for natural light to reach your workstation, and you know how important natural light is in keeping you active throughout the day and boosting your productivity.

It is necessary to make workspaces as convenient and functional as possible to reduce interruptions by providing a flat working surface which could even be a kitchen counter extension, or a coffee table or a simple wooden desk.

Selecting a workplace near the window can give you a panoramic view of the greenery. Verdant green sceneries can destress your eyes and mental tension caused due to work overload. Such beautiful scenes are noticeable in abundance from the villas in Goa. 

If you are planning to buy a home in Goa to experience tranquillity and a serene environment then there are many villas in Goa for sale. Visit the villas and buy the one that you feel connected to. 

Upgrade Furniture

Assuming you lack a desk or a modern ergonomic chair of your choice. In that case, the next step is to acquire dedicated furniture such as an ergonomic office chair and an adjustable standing desk that is durable enough for long-term use. While working remotely, such furniture will keep you more active and productive.

Bring in Some Green

Adding low-maintenance plants can be a great way to make your home a greener workplace. Plants and greenery help you stay fresh and play an important role in boosting your productivity, so why pass up this golden opportunity to make your home office workspace more engaging, productive, and rejuvenating?

Blurring the line between outdoor and indoor spaces at home will keep you upbeat and fresh always. Goa’s leading real estate developer, Rainforest Estates ensures that each of his projects are integrated with nature. There is plenty of greenery not only outdoors but also indoors to keep you calm and happy at all times. 

Consider Placement When Setting Up Workplace in Your Home

Have you heard of optical strain caused by direct sunlight hitting your monitor’s screen? A desk near a window can be a great idea, but if you use a monitor or a laptop for your office work, make sure that the back of your monitor faces the window and that your screen is always away from light. This will aid in the reduction of any potential optical screen caused by glare.


As a remote worker, you must maintain contact with your office team. So, the most important device in this regard would be a dedicated router that provides you with a faster internet connection. This will allow you to stay informed and connected with your team at all times.

Power Supply

A power strip dedicated to providing you with multiple ports can be ideal for your home workspace. As a remote worker establishing a home office, you will be installing various electronic devices such as monitors, CPUs, and laptop chargers as needed. As a result, sitting away from a dedicated power supply is not a good idea.


Having a personalised workspace at home allows you to spend more time at your desk. When people have collectibles or a photo frame of their loved ones on their desks, they are more motivated. As a result, keep a close eye on the personalization of your desk space. You will eventually grow to love your workspace and thus become more productive.

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