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Tips to prepare for company secretary exams while studying commerce

Your career in commerce will take a new turn when you choose to do a specialized course. Apart from seeking admission to the best commerce colleges in Mumbai and pursuing a bachelor’s course, you should prepare for a proper career right from the beginning. Many aspirants with commendable merit levels prepare for company secretary (CS). They utilize the knowledge platform offered by the top commerce colleges and excel in the entrance exams.

If you want to become a company secretary professional, you need to complete a comprehensive curriculum and crack this stringent exam. From the very beginning, you will have to be good at managing your resources, preparing studying schedules, and covering the entire syllabus in no time. Here is a list of tips that successful candidates who have cracked the ICSI CS exam follow –

Tips to prepare and crack the ICSI CS exam

1. Understand the syllabus well

Studying and preparing for the company secretary course will be different from that of the commerce courses. The commerce course you are pursuing from one of the best commerce colleges in Mumbai will prepare a conceptual foundation. You can carry on studying the syllabus based on the knowledge you have gathered during this course. Find out what you will have to study and start collecting resources.

You will discover that most of the syllabus comes under the commerce course you have opted for. Make sure your study material is of the highest grade. Collect books and arrange notes for the important subjects and topics beforehand.

2. Understand the exam pattern

Studying for the CS entrance exam will not be an easy task. Now that you have understood the syllabus, focus on decoding the exam pattern. As per the latest module, there are four papers in this exam. These papers will not only have commerce-related questions but will also include questions from economics, statistics, English, business laws, financial accounting, elements of business management, etc.

You can clearly understand how diverse your study routine will become when you have to add all these subjects along with the commerce ones. Check the exam patterns and find out what kind of questions were asked in the previous ICSI CS exams. Complete one topic and start solving its questions. This is how you can understand the exam patterns and develop a strategy during the final exams.

3. Create a schedule

As mentioned earlier, there will be more subjects to handle than a commerce course. While studying in one of the best commerce colleges in Mumbai, you will have to prepare for two courses. Hence, every hour of your day will be important. Develop a routine to follow every day.

This is how you can cover the entire syllabus within a stipulated time period. Study the complicated topics at the beginning of the day and practice at the end when your mind is tired. In this way, you can easily understand complex subject matters and principles and apply them to solve questions.

4. Seek guidance

The top mentors of the commerce colleges in Navi Mumbai provide excellent mentoring sessions for the students who are willing to crack CS exams. They provide insights into the comprehensive syllabus and help students to grab the concepts in class perfectly. If you dream of becoming a CS then always choose a college with a good reputation.

Final words

Make a list of the top commerce colleges in Navi Mumbai. Start comparing the names and find the most suitable names to seek admission. Check the eligibility criteria and pursue a commerce course. Arrange proper study material and start preparing for CS. Seek assistance and guidance from the college professors if necessary.

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