Three Steps To Kingo Root PC- Complete Guide

Are you made a lover of Android smart devices? Then touch slightly on our article because this is more valuable if you are greedy to become a superuser to your Android smart device.

But how is it possible? You wanna start the rooting process to be a superuser. For that you can not do as your wish, you have to check the best Android rooter.

Now credit goes to the Kingo Root PC as the best rooting tool. This is an excellent tool to root any Android OS smart device.

About Kingo Root PC

Kingo Root Android (pc version) is one of the best Android rooters that only supports the Android smart mobile phones.

If you are a  person to root your Android OS phone helping with the PC it is not an issue. Definitely, you can, because your path is already opened with Kingo Root PC.

So here you come across the proper USB cable and start the rooting function. This is a one-click tool. Wow, it’s nice! So you only wanna touch on the root option once and save your valuable time. If you like to buy this tool without money, then it has already become free. Then continue the tool for free to every Android OS smart user.

Benefits of the Kingo Root Windows download

  • Make you a superuser 
  • You can modify the OS of the Android device beyond the limitations of the companies
  • It supports window versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • The Kingo Root PC tool is capable of all Android versions up to root oreo
  • You can pop out unwanted apps from your device when you use the tool
  • Kingo Root Windows download software allows third-party apps and games apps
  • It customizes the user interface (UI)of the device
  • Make your device and battery power enhance
  • Kingo Root Android software is a free tool for every Android OS users

Why use Kingo Root on your PC

Kingo Root PC is a free application for Windows computers that allows you to connect your mobile device to root. After rooting your phone, you get access to more features and better options.

It’s a great way to remove pre-installed bloatware and improve your device’s performance. It allows you to root almost any Android device after connecting it to your computer. This application is safe to use and will not install any virus or malware on your computer or mobile phone. 

Having a rooted device provides more functionality than is available on your default Android operating system. You can customize the look and feel, install root-requiring apps, and remove unwanted apps, even those that were previously inaccessible.

Alternatively, you can block all ads on your device and install a newer operating system. Apart from the customization options, using KingoRoot to root your device will improve its performance. By deleting junk files and unnecessary apps, you will increase your phone’s storage, and battery life and speed up the phone. That’s why you should use this amazing software!

Kingo Root PC latest version

The latest version of this tool is Kingo Root v1.5.8.3353. It is more stable in the process and confirms the highest firmware and device compatibility. Check the changing table. 

  • Supports Windows Vista / XP / Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 
  • Includes fix for software problems 
  • Popular root scripts have been added to the root of Android 5.0 and above 
  • Improved frame with better stability

Preparations before using the Android Kingo Rooter

  • Make sure with the proper USB cable, computer, and Android smart device
  • Enable the USB debugging mode of your Android OS device
  • Change both devices to at least a 50% level of battery
  • Setup the active internet connection
  • Better to get a small idea about the Kingo Rooter tool

Steps to Kingo Root download for pc

Step 1: Download the Kingo Root PC and install the file Kingo Root Exe

Step 2:Click on the app icon that appears on your and launch it

  • Connect the Android smart device with a USB cable to the computer
  • Enable the USB debugging mode on Android smartphone

Step 3:Click on the “Root” button after completing all setups. Wait a couple of minutes for getting the message “root completed”

Note: Make sure with the best root checkers from the Google play store whether check your device is rooted successfully or not.

What Should I Do after Kingo Root?

After rooting your Android device with Kingo Root PC, you have to keep a few things in mind.

1. Root Check 

Please make sure that you have successfully rooted your Android phone. Therefore, install a root checker to check the root status. By the way, you can install this type of application from Google Play.

2. Use a theme you like 

If you do not like your android phone theme, you can download and use other themes. But download them from a trusted site.

3. Backup app data 

Now you can easily back up your app data, an app to backup almost all app data on rooted Android devices including system apps.

4. Protect your privacy 

After rooting your Android phone, some highly privileged allowed apps can leak your private information including contacts, messages, photos, etc. So, it is essential to install a privacy protection app on a rooted device.

5. Recover your deleted files 

Another thing after rooting your phone is recovering your lost Android data. Without a doubt, the root is needed in most recovery programs. But now it’s time to recover your lost data from internal storage on a rooted Android device.

Is KingoRoot safe?

It looks like the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collection. As always, we recommend that you read the official privacy policy to be aware of how KingoRoot uses your data. Also, you should note that the app is not available on Google Play due to the platform’s policy not to support rooted devices.

This is everything about the KingoRoot for PC. Kingo Root PC is one of the best rooting tools for Android devices from Kingsoft Technology LTD. It is a nice way to root your Android phone to increase its power and ability. At the same time, you must be aware that only a single mistake can get you to lose control of your Android phone. So, download the Kingo Root for PC today and root your device. Get the Experience into your hands completely.

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