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Three Gemstones That can Change Your Life

The gemstones are the gift of the environment, as they have been formed through various conditions. Although miners work very hard to find these crystals between the mountains and then they send them to the factories to form the jewelry pieces.

Let us read about those gemstones


Moonstone comes from India and Sri Lanka, although they are found all over the world. They are found in the seven layers, and the artisans have to be very careful while cutting this gemstone, as one wrong cut can damage the whole stone. So, it has to be cut with all the layers together, as they furnish the beautiful sheen or brilliance for which it has been sold in the market. You can wear Moonstone Jewelry in the form of a ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings, and necklace. 

It will make you look pretty, and it will render its healing energies to you. The stone helps in keeping the person stay healthy and fit, keeping them away from all the health issues. Moreover, it is more beneficial for women, as it reduces their pain during PMS, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. Even it reduces the problem of PCOS and PCOD.  


Opal is another pretty gemstone that is found in Australia and Ethiopia. It took around 5 million years for the formation of opal crystals, as the water was evaporated, and the left silica formed the opals. They were found in the cracks between the mountains. Miners there take out the gems and send them to the factory to convert them into jewelry pieces. However, this gemstone doesn’t have its own light and reflects the light of the object it falls upon. 

Moreover, Opal Jewelry requires care, as it is a soft and delicate gemstone composed of silica and water. But it looks ravishing when worn during the black-tie events or red carpet events. Everyone would stop and stare at you. 

This breathtaking gemstone even provides many healing advantages, like it is great for warding off the negative energies and bringing the positive vibes into life. Moreover, it has links to the planet Venus, which is the symbol of love and compassion. So, Opal Jewelry is best for couples, as it will create mutual understanding and bring them closer, making their bond forever. 


Tanzanite is the blue stone found only in the Merelani Hills in Tanzania. This gemstone was found by an Indian, and he thought that it was sapphire and took it to the lab for testing. But later on, the stone was said to be different than the sapphire and was named Tanzanite, as it was found in Tanzania. It has stolen the hearts of many people with its amazing properties. The color is totally unique and looks absolutely stunning when worn in the form of jewelry. In the movie Titanic, Tanzanite was promoted for its healing properties and beauty, and since then, the demand for this gemstone is always high. 

In addition, it is the stone that brings good fortune, making life happy and prosperous. It helps solve the problems of life without much trouble. Moreover, it brings success in whatever work you will do; especially it helps take the business to reach the heights of success. 

Final thought

I hope you would have understood the properties of these stones, and you will be able to make your decision while choosing the gemstone for yourself. If confused, then buy all three of them and wear them occasionally and create statements every time you wear them. You can buy them from Sagacia jewelry, and it is an online website that provides high-quality gemstone silver jewelry. Explore the website and order your collection today.   

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