This Fashion Brand is Putting Bad Bunny on Everything

Forget the Easter Bunny — bad bunny is taking over! If you’re already tired of the traditional holiday Easter Bunny and all its attendant eggs, candy, and other saccharine paraphernalia, then this new fashion brand might be just what you need to add some edge to your wardrobe. As the name implies, Bad Bunny is committed to making clothes and accessories that will shock you with their irreverence and edginess. The company has unveiled its latest designs on Kickstarter, which will only be available if enough people support them with donations. Here’s what they look like

Bad Bunny Hoodie, Tee

Here at Zazzle, we love our all things bunny! In honor of Easter, we decided to make a custom bad bunny hoodie, tee and other merchandise that will remind you of these mischievous critters. So how did these little guys become associated with bad behavior? It’s all thanks to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The White Rabbit was one of his most iconic characters, and he often pops up in modern-day movies as well. Of course, his descendants are also featured in books and movies—which means you probably know what to expect from a bad rabbit: trouble!

Bad Bunny Shirt, V-Neck T-Shirt

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Bad Bunny Sweatshirt, Crewneck Sweatshirt

Bad Bunny Merch is one of today’s hottest fashion brands, thanks to its witty and often downright controversial t-shirts and sweatshirts. The brand’s slogan reads Badness has an image and it’s me!, a testament to its powerful but funny designs. Although bad bunny shirts come in all shapes and sizes, it was their line of varsity sweaters that helped make them famous among today’s youth. However, anyone can wear bad bunny hoodie – no need to be a straight-A student or class president – as long as you can laugh at yourself (or at someone else) when you don your new Bad Bunny shirt!

Bad Bunny Sweatpants, Sportswear

Bad Bunny Sweatpants are here. For anyone who loves bad bunny we have some really cool designs for you to check out. A bad bunny shirt or a bad bunny hoodie would be an awesome gift for that special someone in your life or how about a bad bunny sweatshirt or a bad bunny windbreaker. We’ve even got a really cool best bad bunny tee shirt. All of our clothing is handmade and hand painted so every item you receive will be unique and full of character.

Apparel for Women

With its kitschy take on cartoons and comics, Bunny can be polarizing. Some people get it immediately and love it, while others wonder whether it’s just a little too silly. What can’t be argued though is that Bunny’s designs are unique—and that’s really what matters in fashion. There are so many other brands out there putting out dull apparel for women, so when a brand shows up with something different, it stands out from the pack instantly. One of our favorite pieces from Bunny is their unicorn sweatshirt (see image above), but we think their collection of hoodies makes for awesome outerwear choices for fall and winter wear. Check them out!


The brand sells a ton of other products, but it’s likely you’ll be looking for a hat or hoodie. There are plenty of both options to choose from, including sweatshirts that resemble rabbit ears and beanies with swirly fur motifs. The company also makes some cool backpacks and belt buckles that are worth checking out if you like what you see. Some products have a vintage feel, while others are more modern; there are plenty of options no matter what your tastes may be.

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