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These 5 steps of Tibetan yoga will activate the whole system of your body, learn the easy way

Every country has its own culture and system of medicine. In different countries of the world including India, people adopt different asanas of their traditional medicines, treatment, and yoga to stay healthy. Today we are talking about a different and special method of yoga, which is called ‘Fountain of Youth’, it is a Tibetan traditional yoga method prepared by the Lamas there, this Tibetan yoga routine includes five simple exercises. It takes about 20 minutes to do and can be repeated up to 21 times a day. According to our expert, doing these yoga practices can have physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

According to the ancient Tibetan text, there are seven energy fields (vortices) in our body. It is believed that these areas control our system, glands, organs, the aging process, etc. The purpose of this yoga is to work the energy fields of your body. It increases the working speed of the chakras. These exercises can increase your strength and vitality. According to the ancient Tibetan text, you have to do this exercise 21 times a day, but you can start it slow and do it only 2 times a day, that way you can do it gradually.

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Step 1: Spin

It helps in stimulating the seven energy fields in our body, balancing emotions, connecting energy centers, and building muscles. Try to do it step by step like this-

  • First of all, lay easy and stand on your feet as much as possible.
  • Keeping your palms parallel to the floor, extend your arms to the sides.
  • Staying in the same place, slowly start rotating your body clockwise.
  • Then do not tilt your head forward or backward.
  • Looking ahead, keep your eyes open and still.

Step 2: Raise the Legs

It strengthens the abdomen and stimulates the energy center of your body, you can try this exercise by bending your knees-

  • Lie on your back, palms resting at your sides, and spread flat on the floor.
  • Take a deep breath and at the same time try to raise your head while moving your chin towards your chest.
  • Keeping your knees straight, raise your legs straight up.
  • Maintain that position for as long as you can and then exhale and slowly lower your head and feet to the floor.

Step-3: Kneeling

This is done to open up your solar plexus (nerves). Plus, it helps your heart and throat work better. It also balances your hormones. While doing this exercise try to close your eyes and try to focus on your breath. then do this-

  • Lie down comfortably and sit on your knees.
  • Place your palms on the back of your thighs, above or below your buttocks.
  • Inhale and move your spine and head back, this will open up your chest.
  • As you exhale slowly tilt your head forward.

Step-4: Tabletop

Benefits of tabletops include strengthening the thigh muscles and improving breathing capacity. For this-

  • Lie on the floor with your legs straight ahead and shoulders extended.
  • Keep your palms straight on the floor.
  • Inhale and slowly move your head back.
  • Simultaneously lift your hips and bend your knees to form a tabletop.
  • Hold this for as long as possible, then slowly exhale and return to normal.

Step-5: Pendulum

It helps to revive your spirit, improves blood circulation, and strengthens the muscles of your arms and legs. Then-

  • Stand on the ground touching the ground with your feet.
  • Extend your arms overhead and then lower down to touch the floor with your hands.
  • spread your legs.
  • Lie on the ground and raise your legs, straighten your arms and form an arch with your spine.
  • Then, move your hips in and out as you lower your body into a ‘U’ shape. Move your chin upwards.
  • Then in the end, while exhaling, flip into a ‘V’ shape.

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