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The OFM Ergonomic Workstation | Furniture and Accessories For Workstations

Ergonomic study analyzes

First, let me give you a layman’s explanation of ergonomics. To me, an ergonomic study analyzes the work performed by the male and female workforce, considers the skeletal and muscular body limitations and then designs a workstation to maximize comfort and productivity. OFM, Inc. designs and manufactures ergonomic office furniture with adjustability. Adjustability that is sufficient to provide comfort to people of all sizes. Therein, employers have come to expect increases in productivity and quality while reducing lost time and workers compensation costs.

Adjustability is a key design ingredient. The ergonomic table height adjuster for a work surface and quality ergonomic office chairs allow for employee comfort regardless of physical size. In seated workstations this provides for proper knee, leg, and foot space while in standing workstations allow for proper arm, elbow, and hand space.

Adjustability and productivity go hand in hand as workstation design must further resolve issues such as reach. That is, taking into consideration the placement of ergonomic keyboard trays, monitor, mouse, trackball or other pointing instrument. Then one also must consider drawers and shelving placement as well as the filing of papers and documents.

Workstation design

The overall work area should provide adequate space for the worker regardless of size; and of course, lighting is also a key ingredient in the design process.

From a practical point of view, a properly designed workstation must assist in creating a professional as well as a pleasing appearance. Successful companies know that professionalism is what customers expect.

While the standards mentioned above are required to be successful, they represent a layman’s outline of the total and detailed requirements and considerations. Last, but certainly not least, the manufacturer must in addition offer affordable workstations. also read, dubai office furniture

OFM, Inc., offers a series of workstation designs fitting the descriptions above.

System Workstations

Rize Panel System Workstations are available in a one Workstation Unit up to and including a ten Workstation Unit. Each unit is offered with various configurations concerning overall footprint dimensions, panel height, individual workstation size, and panel type.

The Rize Panel System Privacy Station is available in a one Privacy Station Unit up to and including a tem Privacy Station Unit. Each unit is offered with various configurations concerning overall footprint dimensions, panel height, individual workstation size, and panel type.

From start to finish, they save time and money without compromising style and function.

Panels are available in full covered vinyl or vinyl with a translucent area. They are easy to clean and/or replace if damaged. Access to cable management is easy too. office desk dubai

They have two-inch thick steel frames for strength; and two, three and four-way corner connectors and leveling glides add to stability. They are very easy to re-configure as you grow.

As an example, Model 2×2-4760-Pis a two-person workstation. Ithas an overall footprint dimension of 10′ 6.5″x 10′ 6.5″. The panel height is 47″ and the individual workstation size is 60″ x 60″ x 24″. The panels have a translucent top;

Choosing the furniture and accessories

Choosing the furniture and accessories for working space is different from choosing the regular office furniture. Hence the furniture and accessories for workstations must be comfortable, and also, adjustable in height so as not to hinder in the performance of any employee.

Among the particle board, block board and teak wood types, teak is the most durable and elegant wood for workstations.

Now the parameter which may call for the expertise of a professional interior designer is the design and configuration of the furniture and accessories that best utilize the available space not only economically but also aesthetically. For example, the corner of the room may require an L-shape furniture while there could be several options for the remaining space like the horizontal table configuration, 4 seat orthogonal workstations and likewise. Selection of proper design as well as configuration for furniture and accessories meant for workstations is both science and an art.


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