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The Impact of Pregnancy Maternal Asthma on Fetal Growth

Pregnancy Maternal Asthma on Fetal Growth

It is a blessing to be a mother and a parent. However, hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to many health problems that can impact both the mother and the foetus. These diseases include maternal asthma and gestational diabetes.

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Good therapy can help manage asthma symptoms and prevent pregnancy problems.

A 2013 medical study found that women with moderate asthma rarely develop more severe conditions during pregnancy. Women with moderately severe asthma may experience more severe symptoms during pregnancy.

If problems become more severe, they are more likely mid-term. Sometimes, symptoms can flare up between the end of pregnancy and labor.

Women with asthma may feel worse if they stop or lower their medication during pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Complications of Asthma

Preeclampsia is more common in women whose asthma is not controlled during pregnancy.

The illness can quickly get worse and will affect at least 5-8% of pregnancies.

These are the symptoms of preeclampsia.

Urine high blood pressure protein

Abrupt weight gain


Abdominal discomfort

Nausea and vomiting

Vision is changing

It is important to get treatment and detect it early. Most women will recover with the right therapy.

Other complications can be serious and include:

Preterm (early) labor and delivery rates are slightly higher.

Pre-eclampsia and high bp, which are related issues

Too little birth weight


These issues may be caused by asthma or other causes.

What effect does unregulated asthma have on foetus growth?

Your blood oxygen levels can drop if you have uncontrolled asthma. The foetus gets its oxygenation from your bloodstream. This could lead to lower oxygen levels in your foetus’ blood. Foletal survival and development may be beylikdüzü escort affected.

Evidence shows that infant and foetus mortality rates are reduced when asthma is controlled during pregnancy. It promotes foetal development in the uterus. It is not known if asthma causes spontaneous abortions or foetal malformations.

These difficulties are caused by the infant not getting enough oxygenation during gestation. If a woman has asthma symptoms, it could be that her breathing becomes difficult.

Asthmatic women who have asthmatic flare-ups during pregnancy are more likely than those with stable asthma to have children born at lower birth weight. Additional paediatric health problems can be caused by preterm delivery or foetal growth restriction.

How can you prevent such complications?

Asthma medication is used to prevent flare-ups during pregnancy. It also lowers the chance of developing problems.

Based on the severity of the symptoms, a doctor may increase the woman’s treatment and then decrease it once they are under control.

The doctor will examine the woman’s lungs and modify her treatment plan. An ultrasound may be performed to monitor the baby’s growth.

Here are some strategies to prevent asthma problems during pregnancy:

Regular visits to a doctor, taking prescribed medicine, getting a flu vaccine. As the virus can trigger an asthma flare-up. Avoiding asthma triggers like quitting smoking.

For example, you can reduce stress by practicing yoga, meditation, or mindfulness. You also need to eat fewer calories and not lie down immediately afterward to minimize the risk of indigestion which can be aggravating.

Affected Mothers’ Frequently Asked Questions You Need to Know

Are Pregnancy Allergy Shots Safe to Use?

If you’re already taking allergy shots (immunotherapy), it is a good idea to continue if there are no side effects.

Are flu shots safe for pregnant women?

All asthmatics should be vaccinated against flu (influenza).

Asthma Attacks During Childbirth?

If asthma is controlled, asthma episodes are rare during labor and delivery. Many women with asthma can use their breathing techniques during childbirth without problems.

Can I pass on my asthma to my child?

Asthma is influenced by genetics. As a result, asthma is more common in newborns whose parents have it. The environment is also important.

Is there anything I can do to prevent asthma from my baby?

Smoking during pregnancy is a significant risk factor for the development of asthma. It is important to quit smoking cigarettes. Prenatal factors that could impact the development of asthma include:

For Maternal Stress

Vitamin D levels


Distribution method

Talk to your doctors about how to identify risk factors and make safe changes in preparations for your baby’s arrival.

Final outlook on the Effect of Maternal Asthma on Mother and Child

If asthma isn’t managed properly during pregnancy, it can cause health problems for the baby and mother. Preeclampsia and stunted growth, low birth weight, early delivery, and the need for caesarean sections have all become more common.

Well-controlled asthma doesn’t increase the likelihood of developing problems. Many asthmatic women are successful in conceiving.

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