The Best Gift Ideas for Hardcore Hunters

Do you want to please someone close to you who is passionate about hunting, but you don’t know what gift to give them or how to find your way around in this area that is little known to you? Take inspiration from our 10 gift suggestions for hunters and create a guaranteed surprise effect!

Find our gift ideas for hunters through this article:

  • A warm coat
  • camouflage clothing
  • base layers
  • A bag
  • The custom leather holsters for the gun
  • A hunting knifes
  • a call
  • A booster seat or stool
  • A gun lock or safety
  • A maintenance accessory
  • A gift card from SAIL

Hunting is a technical activity that encompasses a host of specificities and subtleties depending on the target prey. To ensure you capture the perfect gift, speak with a specialist at a SAIL store and find out what your hunting enthusiast needs and the type of hunting, and the circumstances in which the sport is done.

A warm coat to give as a gift to fearless hunters

You must be well equipped to be able to spend several hours in a row in the forest keep your eyes on the target. Hence the importance of wearing a well-insulated and running hunting coat, without hampering movement. Try to spot models with a hood, made of synthetic materials that let sweat escape and set with a waterproof membrane that blocks out the elements. Success guaranteed!

Camouflage clothing to go unnoticed

During a hunting trip, you must be able to camouflage yourself and avoid moving too much. Because hunting enthusiasts can never have too many camouflage clothes, why not opt ​​for a winning duo comprising a jacket and a toque?

Base layers for an extra dose of comfort

Of course, hunters need to practice their shooting, but they also need to practice the layering system. The technique involves layering garments of merino wool and breathable synthetic fibers that act as base layers under the coat and pants, stockings, sweaters, tights, neck warmer, etc. A gift that warms the heart… and from head to toe!

A bag to have everything at hand

The person to whom you would like to offer this gift will certainly need a bag to pack their personal effects or a pouch to carry equipment when going to a cache. Remember to offer him a spacious and resistant bag with a good loading capacity or a small camouflage bag to carry ammunition and other hunting accessories.

A case for a firearm always stored securely

There are a variety of soft or hard cases that will allow your favourite hunter or hunter to store their firearm and protect it from dust when not in use, in addition to making it easier to transport the next time. shipping. As a bonus, the varied price range of the cases will allow you to stick to your budget for gifts.

A hunting knife to be ready for everything

Any good hunter will want to be armed with a hunting knife, as the experience is far from over after the game has been captured. It is a practical and versatile tool that can be used for a host of tasks, such as skinning or cutting branches or ropes. Bet on a safe model with an ergonomic handle and a non-slip grip as well as a protective sheath to store the blade.

A call to blend in with nature

Before hunting, you must first be able to attract animals. And this is where the call becomes an ally that is difficult to do without. So, consider offering a call for a useful gift that will make the person who receives it happily.

A seat or an occasional stool to combine business with pleasure

The practice of hunting requires a lot of patience and waiting and can sometimes become uncomfortable. Prevent the hit by offering a retractable stool, self-inflating cushion, or foldable chair so he or she can enjoy the best comfort and focus their efforts on the target.

A gun lock or safety to provide even more security

A gun lock or the custom leather shoulder holster are inexpensive little gift that fit nicely into the Christmas stocking. As a bonus, this indispensable tool increases security as well as peace of mind. Well, thought!

A maintenance accessory to delight lovers of cleanliness

The key to keeping your hunting or outdoor gear for a long time. Give it a little brush to dust it off, scour the gears and make it shine like new! So why not provide everything you need to keep your buddy hunting for years to come?

Bonus – A SAIL gift card

Can’t make up your mind or decide on a gift for the hunter on your list? Instead, offer a gift card in the amount that’s right for you and let your loved one shop online or in-store.

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