The Advantages Of Web-based Applications

Web-based applications can provide many benefits for businesses in comparison to traditional desktop applications.

Web-based applications are any program that relies on websites as its web interface.  Users can access the application on any computer connected to the Internet with a standard browser.

This makes web-based applications different from traditional desktop applications. Since, traditional desktop applications needs installation on local device. For instance, the majority of people have heard of Microsoft Word, a common word processing program that is an application for desktops.

In contrast, Google Docs is also an application for word processing, but users execute all of the functions by using a web browser, not the software on their personal computer. It’s web-based.

Google applications are the best example for web-based applications. It is important to note that virtually every desktop application can be created as an online-based app. It is also notable that you need to find web app development services experts, for getting an efficient web application for your business.

What are the benefits for businesses?

Cost-effective development:

When using web-based apps, users connect to the system through an identical environment, the web browser. While user interaction with the application has to be tested extensively on different web browsers, however, the application itself must be designed to work with a single operating system.

There is no requirement to create and test the application across every operating system version and configuration. This makes developing and troubleshooting significantly easier, especially for web-based applications that employ the Flash front-end, testing and troubleshooting are made even simpler.

Accessible from anywhere:

In contrast to traditional applications, Web-based applications are available any time, from anywhere, and on any computer that has an Internet connection. The user is in charge of how and when they connect to the application.

It also provides new, exciting possibilities, such as international teams, remote working, and real-time collaboration. The concept of sitting the front of one laptop computer and working from a single place is now a thing of the past thanks to web-based applications.

Easy to customize:

The user interface for web-based apps is much easier to personalize than desktop applications. This makes it simpler to alter the look and appearance of the application or to personalize the way it displays information to different groups of users.

Thus, there’s no reason for everyone to be having the same interface all the time. Instead, you can get the ideal look for every circumstance and each user.

Accessible to a variety of devices:

Since, These applications customizable for various user groups, and to match various devices.  This includes PDAs as well as mobile phones and tablets.

This increases the capacity of the user to get and use information in a manner that best suits their needs. This way it is possible to have the most up-to-date information is accessible to people who require it.

Interoperability improved:

There is a way to reach an even greater degree of interoperability among web applications than is possible using desktop-based systems that are not interoperable. It is, for instance, much simpler to connect an online shopping cart system with an accounting program that is web-based as opposed to requiring two different proprietary systems to communicate with each other.

This web-based technology allows for the integration quickly enterprise systems, enhancing workflow as well as other processes in the business. Through the use of web-based technologies, you will have a flexible business model that can adapt the market changes.

Installation and maintenance are much easier:

Utilizing the web-based method, maintenance and installation are easier also. All users can instantly access the updated app version, without making any changes to their devices.

It is much more convenient and quicker to install new software implementations. Since, it requires up-to-date browsers and plugins. Because the updates are done by a skilled professional on a single server, the results are more predictable and reliable.

It can adapt to a greater workload:

Growing processor capacity also becomes an easier task with web-based apps.. Server hardware can be upgraded for providing additional power for better web performance.

Clustering or Running web applications on multiple servers at once can enhanced their power. New server’s addition is also very convenient.

For instance, Google runs on thousands of low-cost Linux servers. Damaged servers can are easily replaceable, without any effect on app performance.

Increased Security:

Highly skilled server administrators maintain the servers for web application development. These servers are much more efficient than monitoring hundreds, or thousands of computers on client computers, similar to desktop applications. This makes web applications more secure,  and can detect any breaches much more quickly.

Flexible core technologies:

Any of the three technologies is suitable to create web-based apps, dependent on the requirements that the program will need. J2EE, a Java-based solution (J2EE) provided by Sun Microsystems involves technologies such as JSP and Servlets.

The latest version of the Microsoft .NET platform makes use of Active Server Pages, SQL Server, and .NET scripting languages. The third choice can be the Open Source platform (predominantly PHP and MySQL) which is ideal for smaller sites and less expensive applications.


Web-based applications include:

  • easier to develop
  • that will be more beneficial to your users.
  • simpler to maintain, install, and more secure
  • It is easier to grow and expand as you get older

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