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The 7 Best Home Lamps for 2022

A good lamp is both a source of light and a source of ambiance in a room. We combed the web for the best lamps on the market, weighing size, style, durability, and price.

The Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp is our favorite because it’s stylish, easy to put together, and works with smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

The best lamps for every style and budget are listed below.

Carter LED Floor Lamp by Brightech

The Brightech Carter Floor Lamp sets the tone in any room with its slim profile and warm walnut finish. While the base is modern, the neutral linen shade and walnut pole give it a mid-century modern feel that anyone looking for a little extra warmth in their space will appreciate.

Because the base is only 11 inches in diameter, it can fit into tight corners next to chairs, sofas, or a dresser, as well as stand alone as a statement piece. Although the lamp shade arrives disassembled, which is convenient for shipping but adds a few extra steps when setting up, assembly is simple and a great addition towards best home lamps of 2022.

Huron Table Lamp

This 26-inch table lamp adds some industrial vibes to your space with its clean lines and contemporary design. The frame has three legs that come together to form an X at the base, giving it a striking but unobtrusive silhouette.

The ivory lamp shade completes the look by softening the aesthetic and counteracting the metal. The base is available in four different finishes: antique brass, blackened bronze, brushed nickel, and white, so there’s one to match any decor. Place it alone or with small decorative pieces like candles and plants on your nightstand, side table, or console.

Markey Black Desk Lamp

The Markey Desk Lamp is both attractive and functional, making it an excellent choice for any workspace. The lamp head rotates, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it without having to move the lamp around.

It also has a built-in power outlet, so you can charge your phone or laptop without having to deal with clumsy cords plugged into far-flung outlets. Not only that, but if you have a smart outlet, it’s also Smart Home compatible. This lamp will make your WFH situation much more manageable, whether you work at a small table or a large desk and will be a great choose from best home lamps of 2022.

FADO Table Lamp by IKEA with LED bulb

The FADO Table Lamp is an orb-style fixture. It will  provides a soft, warm glow to your bedroom. And is perfect for winding down at night. When the light is turned on, the minimalist design resembles a full moon, casting a glow with just the right amount of brightness without being overpowering.

The light is controlled by a toggle switch built into the cord, making it simple to turn on and off while lying in bed. It takes up a lot of room at 10 inches in diameter, but since it doubles as a decor piece, you won’t mind having it as the centerpiece of your bedside table.

Barton Salt Lamp

Salt lamps cast a soft warm glow across the room, creating a unique ambiance in your space. While there are many options available, the Barton Salt Lamp, which is made from natural pink salt crystals sourced directly from the Himalayan mountains, is a sure bet.

The 15-watt light bulb inside emits a warm amber glow that is calming and purifying when surrounded by pink-toned salt. The dimmer switch integrated into the cord allows you to control the amount of light. Because the lamp is made of natural materials, it will vary in size, color, and shape, so no two will be exactly alike.

Archeology Modern Arched Floor Lamp

The Archeology Modern Arched Floor Lamp is an excellent choice for a modern floor lamp. Which is with clean lines and an architecturally inspired silhouette. The lamp’s curved metal frame creates a slight arch. Which is allowing it to sit directly above your couch or bed, providing light where you need it.

It’s operate by a floor rocker switch and has a 60-inch power cord. Which is allowing you to place it wherever you want. Even if it’s not near an outlet. The lamp is available in black and gold finishes, making it suitable for both warm and cool tones. This all shows that it will be a great choose from best home lamps of 2022.

Bunny Lamp

The Bunny lamp can also be used to illuminate your workspace or home. These lamps can be place wherever you want. To light them, a table lamp decorate with jewelry, socks, and other objects can be used. The bunny lamps can be place on the nightstand to provide the reader with the convenience of a light source. Make sure to check the switch before purchasing the Bunny Lamp.

Home Column Floor Lamp 

From the best home lamps of 2022, this farmhouse-style lamp will add a charming touch to any rustic-inspired space. It has a resin base and distressed grey finish, as well as traditional sculpted detailing and a linen shade. The light, antique-inspired finish will add warmth to your space. In particularly when paired with a brown leather sofa or white linens.

It also has a three-way rotary switch that allows you to precisely control the amount of light. Set the mood with low light or completely brighten your space when needed—this lamp is nothing if not functional.

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