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Super Easy Bird Drawing Tutorial

Super Easy Bird Drawing Tutorial

Drawing birds is fun and easy. In this way, draw a bird tutorial, you will learn from the beginning to the end step around the stage. You can create your bird drawings more natural or make them less realistic and more cartoon. And there is an unlimited number of methods to stick it. I like to use markers for my drawings, but colored pencils, oil pasta, or watercolors also work well.

Do not be scared to test and try new things. Today, you will learn how to draw a bird easily in one of the many ways. But there are other ways to draw birds. Try unique items and find what functions for them. Are you ready to have fun learning birds? So let’s start.

Bird drawing step by step

Bird drawing

Start with all our drawings with basic forms. For your bird drawings, you will probably want some circles. There are many different ways to blur your birds. You can overlay the circles or stack them on the top. You can make the circle for your head bigger than the body. Or draw them and make your head smaller than the body.

However, you decide to draw your basic forms for you to choose. However, you will determine the general appearance of your bird line. It is good to try out different layouts of gross, stupid forms and see what they prefer. Do not forget to add a branch to settle down.

How to draw a bird face?

Then you have to start to add some details to your bird’s face. Start drawing the eye in which the two circles are located. Then pull in his beak. Again there are many possibilities with you, all of which change as your bird is done. Great eyes pull. Your bird will only distinguish it from your bird if you have little eyes.

One method to draw the eye in is, to begin with, a big circle and then add small circles for the iris and the student. Now start adding a texture for springs. You can pull you as brutal or as smooth as you like.

Draw a wing from the body side.

Then add some springs for the tail. You can also add a wood texture to the branch.

How do you dye your bird drawing?

For this example, I use markings. So you can start by describing your drawing with a black pen. Then use markers to add their color. Use the two smallest colors per section to complete it more interesting and less flat. That’s it. Your super-simple bird drawing is over.

How to improve your drawings

Everything you need is a certain practice if you want to get better. A great way to save time and create more drawings consists of using artist trading cards. Even if you do not want to exchange your work with other artists, it is excellent time-saving. I like to do drawings of every topic where I work. It is a great way to practice repetition and press your creativity.

How to draw bird’s tutorial?

I hope you enjoyed this lesson as you drew a bird. Do not forget to experiment with different shapes and sizes for your basic forms. Play as you pull your eyes and beak. Even springs could be drawn entirely differently.

Additionally, you can experiment with the colors you use for your birds. Have fun and enjoy the entire process. Focus more on the pleasure that drawing she brings and emphasize the result. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you will be done by taking the joy of the picture.

Learn how to draw the owl

If you learn to draw an owl, it is funny and straightforward. We will show you step by step how to draw, describe and color your owl drawings with markings. It will be a simple graduated tutorial for beginners. Artist trading cards are a great way to make sure you make your art. I will draw that today. However, you can use any desired paper size.

Take a look at some of these owl images for inspiration if you need it. Or try to draw from your imagination. But still, it’s good but does not feel like a reference. Let’s start with the investigation of the deliveries used for this lesson.

How to draw the owls step by step?

Now we see the steps on the drawing of an owl. We start with the wrinkles of basic forms.

Step 1: Basic forms

  • Draw a round, square shape for the body.
  • Draw a lateral oval for the head. And draw your head so that it roughly overlaps it.
  • Then divide the head in a quarter by pulling a horizontal and vertical line in each direction in the middle.
  • Rough-in the wings with some types of tears. Note how you are greater, then tapers to a point below. Once again, the body ride.
  • Draw a small circle for the outlet, directly below, where the lines cut on the head.

Step 2: Add details

  • Draw a triangle on the head, which starts in the middle of the circle and ends at the bottom of the head shape.
  • Then we pull the ears. Draw two curved lines beginning on the beak and extending in front of the top of the head.
  • Use the guidelines on your head to make your lines symmetrical.
  • Draw the ears that come upside down. You should have a bit like triangles.
  • Now draw the top of the head and connect the ears. Note how the top of the head follows the curve of your head shape that you pulled at the beginning of the lesson.

How to draw an owl with pictures?

They have successfully learned how to draw a gradual owl. The only thing you do is decide what you should do with your drawing. Or try making it to make more drawings and try new things.

You can try to make a 7-day challenge and see how many owls can draw you in a week. They would be surprised by the crowd of their designs that can be improved in just one week.

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