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The most basic knowledge comes from science. It is right to say that science and technology are the two irreplaceable pillars of the modern world. Without them, no one can imagine the lifestyle that we have today. They are so powerful that it is an ever-growing need to teach about them. Together they form the upcoming revolution in the field of education.They are undoubtedly a part of school education. But when we make the kids familiar with these subjects early on, it becomes easy for them to understand those deeper. The early, the better right?You must have heard the saying that “the early bird catches the worm.” It is true indeed. Therefore you need to expose your kids to new opportunities as early as possible. STEAM learning comes as an effective aid to your kids. It signifies science, technology, engineering, art and math. Of course, we can see that many schools are using it already. But what is there that a parent can do? Well, it is simple. You can equip your kids with helpful tools beforehand. So, it becomes easier for them to grow in any of such fields. Giving your kids an early idea of the vast subjects has become easy now. When there is an effective educational tool like Lego spike prime, this task can no more worry you. With the launch of this STEAM learning tool from Lego, education combines with creativity now.


Lego spike prime is a tool that engages your kids in learning activities to make them think critically and solve complex problems. It consists of highly accurate motors and sensors with vibrant Lego building elements that help in bringing out innovative thinking in your kid. It is more than a toy as it allows them to build fun robots, dynamic devices and other interactive models. These come with many attachment points and building elements. It makes the students spend less time making their models and learn more with convenience.

This learning tool is for kids in their 6-8 grades and comes with 3 unit plans of STEAM content that focuses on engineering and computer science. It also gives an intuitive coding environment from the Scratch coding language that lets your kids learn the basics playfully.

What are the key features it has?

  • Programmable hub
  • Appealing Lego-based elements
  • The new spacing element allows an easy change in direction.
  • A new cross axle hole gives more connectivity and helps in a creative building.
  • New frames for bigger models
  • Force sensors
  • Colourful palette


Such features in a learning toy only make it an ideal choice for kids. It engages them in creative learning activities and gives them a chance to innovate new things that help boost their understanding. 

This learning toy is so interactive that your child cannot get bored of it.


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