Seven eCommerce Personalization Strategies to Boost Your Sales in 2022

For a long time, businesses have been trying to nail the holy grail of eCommerce personalization. Despite this, many customers feel companies don’t know them at all. They recommend irrelevant products and services, which frustrates them. 

It means there’s something wrong with the way we’re approaching eCommerce personalization. While we know what eCommerce personalization is, we are still struggling with making the most out of it. We are using tactics that are either too old or don’t work. It’s time for us to rethink our Ecommerce personalization game. 

In this blog, I have brought a list of seven new and proven eCommerce strategies that will help you boost your sales. Let’s begin:

Seven eCommerce Strategies that Work in 2022

1. Cross-sell Through Product Detail Page Recommendations

While shopping on Amazon, you might’ve noticed how similar or complementary products appear as recommendations when you click on a product. These products are either identical in style or usually related to the brand whose product you’re buying.

Cross-sell Through Product Detail Page Recommendations

  • You show slightly better products with a higher price, as you can see in the image above.
  • You show related products. For example, if a customer buys a tent, they would also see the sleeping bag and campfire coffee pot as a recommendation.

There are two significant benefits of this Ecommerce personalization tactic:

  • First, customers spend more. By recommending similar or slightly better products, you can make them increase their cart size. 
  • Second, customers feel satisfied as you offer them a personalized experience. It will increase their chances of coming back to buy from you again.

You can further improvise intelligent product-detail page recommendations by offering discounts on additional purchases.

2. Personalize Abandoned Carts on Entrance

Netflix has a powerful feature called “Continue Watching.” We all know how it saves us from manually searching to continuing our favourite shows. We don’t know that it is a powerful personalization tactic that ensures viewers complete the show they had started watching, and it has led to people spending more time on the app.

Personalize Abandoned Carts on Entrance

You can use a similar tactic to remind customers of the items they left behind in the shopping cart when they visit again. Websites like Amazon are also employing this personalization tactic.

Ecommerce Personalization Approach

This eCommerce personalization approach can solve a big problem. Over 70% of customers abandon their carts for some reason. Them returning on your website can be an excellent chance to ensure they complete the purchase.

3. Create Personalized Bestseller Lists

Since customers are drawn to the best products, nothing delights them more than a personalized bestseller list. Especially in chart-based economies like books and music, people love getting their hands on bestsellers as soon as possible. Hence, it can be a brilliant Ecommerce personalization tactic.

Create Personalized Bestseller Lists

The most common approach to showing bestsellers is to show them by sales. But you can get creative by segmenting them by review, location, or most gifted. It will break the monotony and help you uniquely personalize items for your customers.

4. Integrate User-generated Content

Customers make decisions based on the recommendations of their friends and people like themselves. Hence, integrating user content can be a powerful eCommerce personalization tactic. By posting photos, videos, and reviews from existing users, you can show potential customers how the product will change their life.

Popular Ecommerce brands are already employing this tactic. Amazon features photos, videos, and reviews from users on its website. Skinny dip London, a UK-based E-commerce brand, features Instagram images from their customers on their homepage under the section #skinnydiplondon.

Integrate User-generated Content

By posting user-generated content, you can make your customers feel special and strengthen their loyalty. Some of them will also recommend you to their friends. Let’s not forget 54% of consumers usually learn about new products from their friends. This eCommerce personalization strategy can help you acquire many new customers.

5. Help Customers Make Easy Choices

Analysis paralysis is real, and it often makes customers abandon their shopping carts. Analysis paralysis is the reason why you might see your conversion rate plummeting. Hence, you should detect and fix it as soon as possible.

Accurately analyzing if users face analysis paralysis on your website is not easy. However, many visits without any purchase can be an indication.

To solve analysis paralysis:

  1. Offer a personalized experience to customers.
  2. Show only products with the highest match to them. Hide the rest behind the “see more” button. 
  3. You can take personalization up a notch by creating a personalized “picked for you” section for them.

6. Bring Back Users with Personalized Offers

Your work doesn’t end just after customers make a single purchase. Instead, you have to make sure they keep coming back and shopping more. It is possible only if you are targeting them with personalized offers. 

Choose the timing wisely. The value of a site visitor declines when they’re away from the site for long. So, keep reminding them about you so that they keep coming back. 

7. Target Customers through Personalized Emails & Messages

Personalized messages and emails are other exciting tactics to keep customers engaged. You can even deliver offers through them. Here are three messaging tactics you can use:

Abandoned Cart Messages

There are times when customers abandon their carts because they get distracted. With a personalized abandoned cart email, you can bring back their attention and encourage them to finish shopping.

Target Customers through Personalized Emails & Messages

“We Miss You Messages”

With these messages, you can remind customers that you care about them. It is also a great way to remind them of your brand.


“Order Follow-up Messages”

With these messages, you can build a strong relationship with customers. You can show that their experience matters to you. You can even offer customized product recommendations based on their purchase.


So, you learned about seven tried and tested eCommerce personalization strategies that will boost your sales. Hopefully, now you know how to make eCommerce personalization work for you. Still, if there is anything else I can help you with, please share in the comments. 

James Wilson

James Wilson is a seasoned Content Writer at Net Solutions, New York, for ten years with an expertise in blogging, writing creative and technical copy for direct response markets, and B2B and B2C industries. Born and brought up in New York, James holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He has worked for industries like IT, software product design and development, Lifestyle, and written some great insights on technologies like user experience design, mobile app development, eCommerce, etc. Besides his technical background, he is not very disconnected from the digital in his free time – he loves to binge-watch Netflix.

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