Roof Waterproofing in Industries with Chemical Aggression

Industrial roofs are different than common floors in homes and traditional commercial buildings. They are structural elements that play an important role in safety, solidity and durability in a manufacturing environment. So, roof waterproofing services DHA is very important for industrial roofs as well.

Each industry segment will require specific roofing needs. There may need heavy vehicle traffic, maneuvering areas for machines and forklifts, product storage and inventory. The type of use of the roof defines the design guidelines.

However, regardless of the segment and type of work, every industrial roof needs proper waterproofing services in Islamabad. It is to protect the roof against the attacks of humidity.

Special attention to roof insulation takes place in factories that will leave the roof subject to chemical attack.

In these cases, the waterproofing services in Lahore must withstand the attacks of these agents. It should not compromise the protection of the concrete structure.

Difference of common roof and industrial roof waterproofing services

First, you need to know the concept of industrial roof seepage control. Unlike common roof, the industrial roof works as a structural element. It is capable of receiving, supporting and distributing requesting forces.

The type of dimensioning will vary according to the situation of use of the factory. In this way, the designer is able to predict the permanent and accidental loads of the concrete reinforcement.

It is wrong, therefore, to understand the industrial roof as simple subfloor regularization.

The industrial roof is capable of supporting loads. The subfloor is a surface leveling layer, in preparation for the final coating, which is tile, for example.

All reinforced concrete structural elements are subject to the action of moisture and aggressive environmental agents. They must have full protection with roof leakage treatment offered by a waterproofing specialist tem. Don’t hesitate to reach us via

This directive applies especially to roof slabs, terraces, canopies, balconies and industrial floors.

Roof waterproofing in Pakistan protects concrete from pathologies resulting from the presence of moisture. It happens due to the presence of organic matter and corrosion of reinforcement.

Roof waterproofing provides resistance to chemical attacks

The industries areas involve chemicals, aggressive agents for cleaning and maintenance and general situations. There is the presence of reagent products. The warehouse waterproofing must withstand these agents without compromising the protection of the structural element.

In this industry category are, logically, industries that deal directly with chemical agents. These are pharmaceutical industries, as well as paints, solvents, reagents, cleaning materials and the like.

Some types of industry segment, such as the food sector, must follow the regulations of Organs regulatory bodies. Therefore the maintenance of the roofs and floors is essential with the use of waterproofing chemicals.

Common waterproofing services and resistance to chemical attacks

Traditional roof leakage waterproofing systems are, commonly good for slabs, beams and pillars in single and multifamily and commercial buildings. In general, they do not have high resistance to constant attacks by chemical agents.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care with the use of some types of heat proofing systems in industrial roofs. You should also consider the type of use and the durability of the system. More Details About Website

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