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Role of Students in Promoting Social Values in Society

Students play a vital role in promoting social values in society. Today’s youth becomes tomorrow’s nation, and youth comprises students. Student life is the formative phase of an individual’s life. We are social animals and cannot live in isolation from society. Cooperation and interdependence are necessary for creating a healthy and peaceful society.

Acquiring knowledge and wisdom about the heritage of humanity is indeed an important aspect of student life. But, students’ engagement in social service activities helps in promoting social values in society. Students’ population worldwide is much larger. Their role in society is bound to have a deep and far-reaching impact.

Education shapes and moulds the thinking patterns of individuals. Education imparts critical thinking abilities, values and compassion among students. It is crucial to get a good education because that determines their contribution to society in general. Every individual is free to make choices in life. But, those choices should compel students in promoting social values in society.

After research conducted by experts of coursework writing services, we aim to discuss the role of students in promoting social values in society. Let’s discuss what measures students can take to promote social change.

What role can students play to promote social values?

The role of students in promoting social values varies across various dimensions. They can engage themselves in the following social service activities.

  1. Reducing illiteracy
  2. Volunteer Services
  3. Spreading environmental awareness and providing services to keep it clean
  4. Promoting through social media

Reducing Illiteracy

Developing nations are struggling to increase literacy rates. The primary reason for gaps in literacy rates is meagre resources, corruption, lack of expertise and infrastructure. Education is still a privilege for many in the developing world. Schools and universities lack the basic facilities, and only a few rich have access to higher education. An illiterate nation remains entrapped in the curse of poverty. Students’ role in promoting social values in such societies is fundamental for advancement. They can contribute their services in the following manner.

  • Students should engage themselves with Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) and volunteer organizations part-time or during vacations to teach underprivileged kids
  • Students can play a significant role in increasing literacy rates of underdeveloped areas
  • Lead education campaigns in underdeveloped areas to promote the importance of education and spread health awareness
  • Join fellowship programmes after graduation to teach in low-income schools that lack quality teachers
  • Collaborate with education activists in promoting social values by imparting education and improving learning outcomes of underprivileged students
  • Impart digital literacy skills to the less privileged and broaden their life opportunities
  • Create a spark of innovation among poverty-stricken students, which can be life-changing

Volunteer Services

Students’ participation in volunteer services is exemplary in promoting social values. Volunteering furthers the development of student’s skills, and they become well-rounded individuals. Promotion through volunteer services can create a lasting impact on the well-being of society. Helping others is the best use of one’s time, and it is helpful in it on a large scale. Kindness begets kindness, and it leads to a peaceful and healthy society. Let’s overview what role students can play by volunteering for promoting social values in a society.

Volunteering for Charitable Organizations

Students can volunteer for the following charitable organizations. Students’ role in these activities is impactful in promoting social values in society.

  1. Organizations working for Animal Preservation
  2. Organizations for the homeless people

Child Safety organizations

  1. Women Empowerment Organizations
  2. Environmental Preservation Organizations
  3. Fundraising campaigns

Other volunteer services in promoting social values are the following:

  • Students can play an active role in catering to the needs of the elderly and senior citizens. They can volunteer to work at old age houses or retirement homes to take care of senior citizens.
  • Homelessness is a worldwide problem, and governments cannot handle this crisis. Students can play their role by volunteering to work at shelter homes and soup kitchens.
  • Promoting social values by joining or initiating cleaning campaigns in the neighbourhood, communities and at the city level
  • Volunteer for organizations that cater to the needs of the less privileged on special occasions. Students can offer their services for collecting, organizing, wrapping and distributing donated items

Environment Conservation

The role of students in protecting the environment has a significant impact on promoting social values. Greta Thunberg, who is 19 years old, promotes awareness about environmental protection through her activism. She is an exemplary role model in promoting social values.

Let’s overview the role of students in environmental protection.

  • Students can participate in tree plantation initiatives by the government, non-governmental organizations, schools, colleges and universities
  • Save water by taking shorter showers and by turning the taps off
  • Save electricity by switching off unnecessary lights, unplugging electronics, not in use
  • Avoid littering and always throw things in the litter basket
  • Stop using plastic bags and use paper bags instead
  • Buy eco-friendly supplies such as folders and pens
  • Pick up rubbish
  • Only buy what you need and avoid generating waste
  • Use bicycles for travelling to reduce carbon emissions
  • Reuse books and donate unused books and sports goods for reuse
  • Buy recyclable items
  • Initiate awareness campaigns to counter consumerism
  • Organize and participate in plays about environmental awareness

Promoting social values through social media

Social media content writing is an effective tool for promoting social values. Social media has the power to create a deep impact on individual beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. It is a platform for the voice of marginalized strata of society. Mainstream media does not cover important issues concerning society. But social media has become an enabler of social change. Students can play their role in promoting social values through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Students can take the following steps to promote social change on social media.

  • Spread awareness about important issues and problems
  • Share what you read with proper references to spread awareness
  • Talk about social issues and engage with other people to find solutions
  • Hold meaningful discussions about social problems
  • Spread awareness about environmental issues
  • Promote charity activities through social media for the needy
  • Write posts to help the needy and poor and make them viral
  • Support social causes and humanitarian efforts on social media platforms
  • Spread the news about any injustice happening around you and be an agent of change


Students are the nation’s builders and active agents in promoting social values. Students can bring about social change by aligning their actions with progressive activities. Further, students are an integral part of society, and therefore their actions have consequences. Therefore, they must be careful in making choices. Volunteering and offering services to society develop compassion and values in students’ minds. They become responsible citizens and become the change they want to see around them.

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