Re-Thinking Teaching Strategy For Generation Z

For centuries, many generations of students have enrolled in and graduated from higher education institutions. Regardless of whose generation is present in the classroom, educators have used the same tactics for decades. Generation Z, as a newer group of individuals with distinct features and expectations. Individuals born between 1996 and 2012 make up this generation. They, like millennials, grew up with technology. Technology, on the other hand, is an integral element of Generation Z’s daily activities. Is it necessary for us to examine our teaching practices year after year as educators? Although some may not believe it is necessary. Educators must be aware of the new generations who enter the classroom with distinct qualities to do exams for me.

Generation Z, is loyal, thoughtful, caring, open-minded, and responsible. Generation Z is dedicated to bringing about positive improvements in our society. This is an issue, because they prefer to work independently and sometimes lack inventiveness. What does this signify for us as academics in higher education? We must assist Generation Z students in their pursuit of higher education.

For starters, as instructors, we frequently assess students through tests and research papers. This form of assessment just shows us what individuals have memorized for a certain exam or what they remember about a particular subject. More is required of our young generation. They require practical experience that is relevant to their field of work. Generation Z is a digital generation, and we, as teachers, have access to it. So, let’s get a better understanding of the many types of gadgets, programs, and applications that can be used in our lessons. We need to create activities that are relevant to the course while also being meaningful to our students.

Techniques To Engage And Motivate Students

In my English classes, I’ve been incorporating technology. The following are some of the ways. I use various techniques to assist engage and motivate my class.

Use Of Phone

Generation Z students spend a lot of time on their phones. And the majority of them use devices for everyday tasks even to do exams for me. In this situation, my students can access their class texts or manuals online using their iPhones. I also developed a blog for them to read articles relating to class discussions. Leave comments, and practice reading and writing in English at the same time. They could, for example, start a debate about why academic writing is important based on articles relevant to the class.

Use Of Social Media

Social media is popular among students as well. When my students were listening to a live conference on “Situational Leadership,” I used Facebook Live. They produced a summary and expressed their perspective on the topic after listening to the conference. This conference gave attendees valuable insight into life and job skills. students found the process to be an effective way of remembering the material. that was relevant to their daily lives while still enjoying learning.

Use Of YouTube

Another tool that aids our students’ learning is YouTube. Which can be beneficial to both students and lecturers. Generation Z is a visual generation that enjoys using YouTube to study. In my research course, for example, I give YouTube links for writing a research paper, APA style, and a variety of other topics. Before seeking assistance, these learners prefer to explore the internet and look for answers. Of course, while using YouTube videos. it’s crucial to pick ones that are appropriate for children.

Tools For Different Evaluation

Technology isn’t the only method that has to be reconsidered. We should also look for other methods of evaluation and tools. for how we communicate content to Generation Z students. The following are some suggestions that you can use right away:

Brief online quizzes: Students in Generation Z want to take short online tests to do exams for me. In classes, utilize Blackboard to post quizzes, and students answer these short quizzes in the classroom using their cellphones.

Small groups/teams: Generation Z, according to Rothman (2018), prefers to work in small groups. They encourage more creativity when they operate in small groups. students have written fantastic narrative paragraphs utilizing themselves as fictional characters in writing class. Throughout the process, their enthusiasm as they share their final product with their mates demonstrates how much they appreciate this exercise.

Active learning activities: Generation Z has been identified as having a short attention span. Writing a summary in groups or individually is one method I employ. This exercise assists me in determining what needs to be evaluated. In addition, “One Minute Papers” are quite useful for this.

Games: Games are a great way for students to review the information and share their knowledge. Students can become quite engaged in the game and devote a great deal of attention to it. Generation Z students are avid online gamers who like taking on new challenges.

Feedback: The most crucial strategy is to provide care and feedback. Students become more involved in the classroom when we care about what is going on with them and their needs. Taking an interest in their progress provides them with consistent and positive feedback. We may revise their papers, but we also provide suggestions on how they can progress and encouragement to keep them motivated. Positive words have the power to alter people, and we must do the same with our students.

The final verdict

Understanding Generation Z’s distinct features will assist higher education educators in rethinking what they do in the classroom to do exams for me. We must become more aware of our students’ learning requirements. Although working one-on-one with each student may not be practicable, we may try to identify their learning needs and incorporate new concepts. Our greatest gift is the accomplishments of our students!

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