Plesk Control Panel: What You Need to Know

Web hosting is necessary to make a website accessible to visitors. The web server you host your website on must be accessible to every website owner. It takes a certain level of skill to access a web server directly. What is the secret to running a successful website even if you aren’t an expert on website servers? Using control panels is common.

Plesk is a popular control panel for managing website servers and is the subject of this article. You can learn about it and its advantages and disadvantages here.

What Is a Control Panel?

We should clarify what a control panel is, first of all. Control panels for web servers provide graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that make them easy to use. It would require a system administrator with command line skills to manage web hosting plans without a control panel.

It would take most of us a lifetime to learn all of that. By using the Plesk Server Support service with Supportfly, you can manage or focus your business without wasting your resources. Control panels for web servers should have the following features:

Domain name management:- Managing your domain name (or domains) is an important part of running a website. Domain name registrations, subdomains, redirects, domain name privacy, and setting up subdomains are all part of this.

Email management:- The option to create branded email addresses based on your domain name is also available when you invest in a domain name. By using a server control panel, you can create email addresses, monitor your inbox, and delete old accounts. Furthermore, they usually provide mail forwarding options and let you set up your emails using POP3 or IMAP.

FTP file transfers:- Your computer and your web server transfer files via FTP, or file transfer protocol. It is possible to do this with an FTP client, but a good control panel will also provide you with additional options.

File management:- A control panel should also enable you to manage and organize your files. As necessary, you can rename, move, and create folders as necessary.

Third-party application installation and management:- Content management systems, eCommerce software, and other third-party platforms are used by many websites. Often, control panels include options for installing and managing third-party systems.

Security features:- SSL certificates and permissions control are important website security features that server control panels provide, so you can manage who has access to your website.

Backup options:- The worst nightmare for everyone (aside from clowns and sharks) is losing all your work due to a technical failure. You can usually back up your website and all its files using a control panel.

In some cases, you will have to purchase a control panel separately if your web hosting plan doesn’t include one. One of the best options you have is Plesk.

What Is Plesk Control Panel?

One of the two most popular server control panels is Plesk, which is only second to cPanel in terms of popularity. More than 11 million websites run on over 380,000 servers running Plesk. With Plesk, you get all the features you need-technical features, security features, and automation tools-all in one place.

Plesk Control Panel: What You Can Do

Managing your web hosting is easy with Plesk. With some additional features, the tool provides features common to any control panel.

The control panel allows you to add and organize files for your website. In your account, you can manage your domains and add new ones. So, the new email address creation feature allows you to create new email addresses, monitor your inbox, and delete inactive email addresses. It is possible to schedule regular backups for your website and files, maintain any database that is part of your website, and monitor how much disk space your website occupies.

Plesk’s control panel goes beyond the basics in a few key areas, which any website owner should look for in a control panel. Therefore, You can fix common technical errors using their self-repair tools. To enhance the functionality of your website, they offer a large library of extensions.

IT administrators can create and manage user accounts using these tools. The amount of bandwidth each user has access to can be determined by assigning specific user roles and controlling their access levels. Whether you’re a reseller or a customer, you can manage subscription services. It is also possible to schedule specific tasks and commands ahead of time.

The Plesk control centre supports many different programs. Third-party compatibility opens up even more functionality for your website than the features you can access within the control panel itself.

7 Reasons To Use Plesk Control Panel

There are a few good reasons to choose Plesk as your web hosting control panel despite having other options.

1. Plesk control panel’s user interface is intuitive.

A simple and intuitive interface makes finding the features you need easy with Plesk. Most of the control panel’s features are easy to complete. The Plesk help centre offers a variety of useful resources for beginners, including video tutorials and full courses.

With a control panel, you can work with your web hosting server more quickly, efficiently, and easily. Plesk is the most user-friendly control panel on the market.

2. It’s OS (operating system) agnostic.

CPanel indeed is one of the most popular control panels out there, but it loses to Plesk here. Linux web servers are the only ones that can run cPanel. Web hosting plans usually use Linux servers (unless otherwise specified), but for a certain portion of websites, Windows hosting makes more sense.

No matter what hosting plan a website chooses, Plesk’s control panel will work with Windows or Linux servers. When it comes to Windows hosting, or if there is any chance of using it in the future, Plesk is the best choice.

3. Plesk is mobile-friendly.

It is becoming more common for people to work on the go. Your employees and you need to be able to access your control panel from any device, so you can update your website and make changes when you’re on the bus, at the airport, or just on the go.

You can perform all the different tasks you need to do with Plesk on your smartphone or tablet just as easily as you can on your desktop with Plesk’s mobile app. So, Your employees, developers, and you will be able to do more work faster, at the time you need it.

4. It’s good for security.

Website security is something every website owner should consider. A web hosting platform and control panel are two of the first steps you need to take to protect your website against hackers or malicious attacks. With Plesk, you can enhance the security of your website in several different ways.

You can protect your website from low-level employees or contractors having too much power over it when administrators can control user permissions. To provide website encryption, you can purchase an SSL certificate through Plesk. Therefore, Plesk includes several firewalls and extensions that will prevent hackers and other malicious users from accessing your website.

5. It’s compatible with a wide range of third-party applications.

When choosing a new tech tool, people are increasingly concerned about compatibility with the ever-growing list of tech products they use in their everyday lives and businesses. Numerous third-party applications are compatible with Plesk’s web control panel.

Some third-party applications, such as WordPress and Amazon, offer toolkits that simplify the process of integrating their products. Therefore, Having two products integrated seamlessly will make your life much easier. With Plesk, you can get most additional tools and products you require.

6. They offer helpful customer support.

Although Plesk is user-friendly, you may occasionally need assistance. A website as important as yours will not receive thorough or rapid assistance if it encounters a problem.

In addition to a comprehensive help centre, Plesk offers 24/7 technical support. Toll-free phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, and a Plesk forum are all ways in which you can contact them.

7. Over 100 extensions are available.

Additionally, Plesk offers over 100 extensions that extend the product’s functionality. A few examples of extensions include security, appearance, backups, email, SEO, and website speed. You can make your website more powerful by using the Plesk control panel and its many extensions, as well as Plesk’s features.

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