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You must have heard about the call break online game before! It is one popular card game that has grown and evolved a lot now. The game is now available online for users to play and earn with friends and family. 

Call break is another card game that is on the verge of being the most hit! It is one fun game that has been appreciated for its fun and entertainment yet more enormous challenges. If you haven’t participated in the game yet, you must try it once and have a big blast with all big money amounts you win in the game. 

Before you dive into the game, get through all the rules, tips, and tricks to make the more extensive amounts with the game. 


Make your time worth it with the call break game! Get started with the most amazing card game as it is the simplest yet most entertaining game that you would see. There are five rounds done in the game, and it gets increasingly engaging as the game continues. 

The game has become really famous with time, and now people are getting more used to this card game instead of poker and rummy. We cannot compare these games as they serve different motives for joy and entertainment. But you can earn from all three games and enjoy them on the real money earning gaming apps. 


Now, if you are new to the call break game, go through this article and get to know all the details of the game. You can get to know how to play the game with your mind. 

  • There is a deck of 52 cards, and every player gets 13 cards each at the start of the game. The cards get distributed in the counter clockwise direction. 
  • After the cards are distributed, the players have to make their calls or bids in the starting to move ahead with the game. These tricks have to be undertaken by the players to win the game. 
  • The players can make their calls between one to eight numbers. 
  • Players have to throw the same color cards in every round. And also, the players have to throw a higher card compared to the card thrown before. 
  • Also, one more important thing is that spades card are the trump cards in the call break game online. You have to take care of that thing as well. 


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Don’t wait and get started with the call break game now!

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