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Places You Can Visit With Friends In India

Sitting in a circle relaxing with your pals trying to decide where to go for your next holiday trip can be quite a challenge. There are certain quirks in everyone that prevent you from visiting the same place with your group of friends. But, if you’ve got an extensive list of places to go with your loved ones, you can convince your group to pick the most enjoyable of trips. India has a variety of different terrains that make traveling and deciding on the most suitable locations to spend the trip with friends significantly more simple. We’ve also put together an itinerary of destinations to visit with your friends in India. You can pick one of the top ten places to go with your friends.

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Top places to visit on a trip with your family and friends

  • Rishikesh

Adventure and friends always have a place. What better place in India to enjoy the greatest of experiences than Rishikesh? It is known for its most exciting treks and activities like bungee jumping, rock climb, rappelling, mountain biking, cliff jumping, flying the fox, river rafting, and much more. Rishikesh is your best destination for a holiday with your friends. There are several of these on your trip with your friends in India. Additionally, you can stay in hostels and make new acquaintances along the way!

  • Shillong

One of the most popular places to go to in India with your friends, Shilling is perfect for relaxing vacations that come by exploring North East India. It is possible to stay in an excellent hostel or hotel with stunning views of the Seven Sisters as well as the Umiam and Ward’s Lake and indulge in various exciting activities. It’s among the top places to visit in India with your friends. There are numerous unexplored locations close to Shillong which you could go to during your trip.

  • Udaipur

Udaipur isn’t only among the romantic cities with its stunning location in India. It is also a secluded haven for travellers of all ages and their friends. As one of the best cities in India to backpack, Udaipur is one of the most ideal places to travel with your friends in India. You can visit the stunning and extravagant lakes and palaces, take dinner with a view of the lakes and palaces or even go on a trek and explore more of the Aravalli’s. Additionally, you can enjoy a night in a hostel while you explore the gorgeous lake city.

  • Goa

One of the most enjoyable destinations to visit in India with your loved ones has to be the Goa state. Goa! The palm-lined beaches of Goa provide a wonderful getaway in India with your loved ones. It is possible to go to the beaches, reserve a wonderful stay close to the beach, or rent a car and visit more upscale beaches in Goa’s state. In addition, the nightlife and party scenes in Goa are unparalleled and fully bright. In fact, you could plan your Goa plans into a road journey. With your loved ones by your side, you’ll definitely have an enjoyable time.

  • Pondicherry

Like Goa, Pondicherry is the second most desirable place to go in India with your loved ones. The beach town within the South-eastern belt is also an ex-French Colony. This means you will get the traditional French style with a multitude of establishments and cafes. A few of the structures have French-inspired structures. You and your companions will surely enjoy exploring the stunning Pondicherry. Also, a journey to Pondicherry is a lot of fun when you have the people you love with you.

  • Kasol

The idea of backpacking through the Himalayas is pretty awesome does it not? What are you waiting for? do this with your pals? Kasol is located in Himachal Pradesh and has a fun Parvati Valley trek that you can definitely enjoy with your fellow friends. It is possible to take daily hikes through Tosh, Chalal, Malana, Kheer Ganga, and more. 

There are many charming little towns that are free of tourists and guarantee the tranquility of the mountains. They also offer stunning views of the Himalayas in snow that only add energy to your vacation with your loved ones!

  • Alleppey

There is no need to burn a hole into your pocket to visit one of the most beautiful backwaters in Venice. It is possible to do similar things in Alleppey with your loved ones. Alleppey is the perfect romantic spot with houseboats and shikara rides on the water. However, you can make it enjoyable with your friends. Because of Alleppey and Marari beach. 

Alleppey as well as the Marari beach close to each other and allows you to have an enjoyable time with your buddies. Additionally, the rice paddies include restaurants in the midst, making it an unforgettable experience for those who visit.

  • Leh Ladakh

Do you or your buddies want to take a road trip with your friends? Because Leh Ladakh is an ideal destination to explore in India with your loved ones. If you are a fan of bike rides and would like to test the Himalayan terrain which leads to Leh Ladakh, which is located in Himachal Pradesh, you could take a trip like this. 

There are numerous ways to get to Leh Ladakh. One route is from Manali through Rohtang Pass and the other from Shimla Kaza. Kaza. Both are equally amazing and well worth a trip on a motorcycle.

  • Guwahati

The Northeastern areas of India must be explored. Which is a better method to do it than with a group of friends? Guwahati is definitely one of the top cities to visit with your friends in India. Guwahati is a thriving city that lies along the shores of the Brahmaputra river and is surrounded by the greenery of all sides. It is possible to sample some of the most exquisite dishes that are not found anywhere else in India. From Guwahati there is also the option to go to Guwahati’s Kaziranga National Park, maybe go straight to Shillong, and much more.

  • Puri

Although Puri could be a cult place with numerous temples it is also known for its beaches. It is not a popular choice for Puri when planning an excursion with friends in India. It is, however, an excellent destination that you can consider for an outing with your friends. The drive towards Puri is more enjoyable, and you could gather your friends to take a trip on the road to Puri.

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